Government hikes MSP for wheat by Rs 85/quintal; pulses up to Rs 325/quintal

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The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 23 October, 2019 decided to increase to the minimum support price for winter crops for the forthcoming rabi marketing season (2020-21) and the floor price of wheat, the major rabi crop, went up by 4.6 per cent to Rs 1925 a quintal from Rs 1840 in the previous season.

The highest increase in MSP witnessed by lentil (masur) whose floor price saw a 7.3 per cent increase to Rs 4800 a quintal as compared to last year, according to an official statement. This was followed by barley whose MSP went by 5.9 per cent to Rs 1525 a quintal as compared to the last season. The government said the increase in MSP for rabi crops was in line with the principle of fixing MSPs at a level of at least 1.5 times of the all India weighted average cost of production.

The floor price for mustard and rapeseed was increased by Rs 225 per quintal to Rs 4425, while that of gram went up by 5.5 per cent to Rs 4875 a quintal over the previous season. A similar increase was also witnessed by safflower whose floor price rose to Rs 5215 from Rs 4945 a quintal in 2018-19.

MSP for rabi crops of 2019-20

MSP in 2018-19 & 2019-20 Rs per quintal


. Crops                         Rs per quintal                   Rs per quintal             Difference

.Wheat                           1840                                      1925                             85

.Barley                             1440                                      1525                            85

.Mustard &Rapeseed    4200                                      4425                          225

. Gram                            4620                                       4875                          255

.Safflower                      4945                                         5215                          270

.Lentil                      4475                                            4800                             325