Government’s New Anti-Maoist strategy brings down Red Corridor to 58 districts

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Daily News paper ‘Times of India’ reported giving reference to latest data compiled CRPF that the number of districts under the grip of Maoist violence had dropped significantly since 2015, with over 90% of attacks being reported from only four states — Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha.

The report said new counter-insurgency strategy drawn by present dispensation at center yielded results in continuously shrinking area of red corridor. In 2015 75, districts across nine states reported violent attacks by Naxals. In 2016 the number came down to 67 and dropped to 58 in 2017.

In an internal policy document of Naxals — ‘Action Plan 2017-2022’ — recovered by agencies recently, Maoists themselves admit that 140 of their comrades, including 30 women, were killed by security forces in 2017. The document, accessed by TOI, says many of its important leaders were also killed by the forces.