UP Govt. led by Yogi Adityanath brings ordinance against forcible religious conversions

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Uttar Pradesh Government has brought ‘Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance 2020’. It was passed on 24 November by the cabinet led by Yogi Adityanath and promulgated on November 28 by Uttar Pradesh Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel. The law has provisions for imprisonment up to 10 years and a maximum fine of Rs 50,000 under different categories.

Several other BJP-ruled states like Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Assam have also prepared drafts to pass similar laws. Yogi Adityanath had announced during UP by-poll campaign that his administration would bring a law that prevents forced conversion for marriage, terming it to be ‘Love-Jihad’.