Gross Direct Tax collections for FY 2022-23 register a growth of 25.90%

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The figures of Direct Tax collections for the Financial Year 2022-23, as on 17.12.2022 show that net collections are at Rs. 11,35,754 crore, compared to Rs. 9,47,959 crore in the corresponding period of the preceding Financial Year i.e FY 2021-22, representing an increase of 19.81%.

The Net Direct Tax collection of Rs. 11,35,754 crore (as on 17.12.2022) includes Corporation Tax (CIT) at Rs. 6,06,679 crore (net of refund) and Personal Income Tax (PIT) including Securities Transaction Tax(STT) at Rs. 5,26,477 crore (net of refund).

The Gross collection of Direct Taxes (before adjusting for refunds) for the FY 2022-23 stands at Rs. 13,63,649 crore compared to Rs. 10,83,150 crore in the corresponding period of the preceding financial year, registering a growth of 25.90% over collections of F.Y. 2021-22.