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He Lived His Philosophy

eendayalji not only advocated Integral Humanism, he also lived up to it. No philosophy can spread in our society unless life is led according to it. The most obvious experience these days is that people talk of big things but do not live according to them. At least in the political field this effort is not seen. As it is, such an effort is also not made in our social life, but its absence in political life has the greatest impact on the society, because today our political leaders have become the leaders of the society. Those who hold political power are considered ideal beings.

These days we talk of a revolution in this country. We say we want to build a new society. But what sort of a new society we do want to build? Do we want an American society or a Russian one? What are our ideals? When we think upon these things we must not forget to ponder upon Deendayalji’s Integral Humanism. For we want the reconstruction of our society on the basis of our own ideals. But Bharatiya ideals will not necessarily mean accepting everything that is old. Those who equate our ideals with everything old do so only on the basis of their study of western books and cannot be called intellectuals. During the last one thousand years our cultural traditions became vitiated by certain deficiencies, and this led to our becoming a slave nation. But we have had a glorious history for thousands of years before this period. During that period our country had attained glorious heights of progress in various fields of science and art, from mathematics and astronomy to music and sculpture. Foreigners have stayed here for years together to study this glorious history. Then should we take pride in all this glorious past or should we spend our life in condemning what crept into our life during the it one thousand years? That is the basic question.

Sense of Self-respect

A society that keeps thinking only of its deficiencies will never make progress. A society that takes pride in condemning its ancestors, its scriptures and its culture, and says that everything ours is bad while everything belonging to others is good can never rise. It is obsessed with self-denigration and has lost all sense of self-respect. Not that we want to preserve our faults. We must endeavour to remove them, but there is nothing bad about taking pride in what is good within us.
Without this sense of self-respect we cannot assimilate Integral Humanism. We can understand Deendayalji’s philosophy only if we have deep loyalty to our great culture. This philosophy, which is a great gift of a great man to this country, merits deep thought.

My sincere homage to revered Deendayalji.

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(Based on speech delivered by Shri Madhavrao Muley, Sarkaryawaha of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, on the occasion of Pt. DeendayaI Upadhyaya Birthday Celebrations at Simla on 25th September, 1977)