India Has Been Successful In Bringing Home An Invaluable Heritage : PM

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Mann ki baat

PM Shri Narendra Modi stated in his 86th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on February 27, 2022, that India had been successful in bringing home an invaluable heritage from Italy. He also emphasized the importance of understanding science in one’s native language. Brief summaries of the address:

• In the beginning of this month, India has been successful in bringing home an invaluable heritage of hers from Italy. This heritage is the over one thousand years old idol of Avalokiteshvara Padmapani. This idol was stolen a few years ago from Kundalpur temple, Devi Sthan of Gaya in Bihar. But after innumerable efforts, India has now got this idol back. Similarly, a few years ago the idol of Lord Anjaneyaar, Hanuman ji was stolen from Vellore in Tamil Nadu. This idol of Hanuman ji was also 600-700 years old. Earlier this month, we retrieved this in Australia; our Mission has received it.

Our languages have their own special characteristics; mother tongue has its own science. For understanding this science, emphasis has been laid on studies in the local language in the National Education Policy

• Friends, talking about Indian culture and our heritage, today I want to introduce you to two people in ‘Mann Ki Baat’. These days, two Tanzanian siblings, Kili Paul and his sister Nima, are in the news a lot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and I’m sure you too, must have heard about them. They have a passion, a craze for Indian music and for this reason they are also very popular. Their technique of Lip Sync shows how hard they work at it. Recently, a video of him singing our National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ on the occasion of Republic Day went viral. A few days ago, he also paid a soulful tribute to Lata didi by presenting her song. I really appreciate these two siblings Kili and Nima very much for their wonderful creativity. A few days ago, he has also been honoured at the Indian Embassy in Tanzania. The magic of Indian music is such that it fascinates everyone. I recall, a few years ago, singers-musicians from more than one hundred and fifty countries of the world, in their respective countries, in their respective costumes, made a successful presentation of ‘Vaishnav Jan’, the beloved bhajan of revered Bapu, the favourite composition of Mahatma Gandhi.
• Today, when India is celebrating the important festival of 75th year of its Independence, similar initiatives can be carried out regarding patriotic songs, wherein foreign nationals or famous singers from abroad are invited to render Indian patriotic songs. Not only this, if Kili and Neema in Tanzania can lip sync the songs of India in this manner, aren’t there many types of songs in my country… in many languages of our country… can’t any Gujarati children do that with Tamil songs….some children of Kerala could do that with Assamese songs…. some Kannada children could that with songs of Jammu and Kashmir! We can create such an environment in which we will be able to experience ‘Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat’. Not only this, we can definitely celebrate Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav in a novel way.
• Friends, our languages have their own special characteristics; mother tongue has its own science. For understanding this science, emphasis has been laid on studies in the local language in the National Education Policy. Efforts are being made that our professional courses should also be taught in the regional languages. In Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal, we all should lend momentum to this effort together; this is a work indicative of self-respect. I would like you to know about the qualities of whatever mother tongue you speak and write something in it.
• Friends, A few days ago I had a meeting with my friend and former Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga. This meeting was interesting but also very emotional. Since we are very good friends, we also discuss freely. While both of us were in a conversation, Odinga ji told about his daughter. His daughter Rosemary had a brain tumour and because of this she had to undergo surgery. However, one side-effect of this was that Rosemary almost lost her eyesight; she stopped seeing. You can imagine what must have happened to the daughter…. and we can also guess the condition of the father, we can understand his feelings. In hospitals all over the world… there was not any major country in the world, where he had not tried his best for the treatment of his daughter. He searched the big countries of the world, but, there was no success and in a way, giving up all hopes, there was an atmosphere of despair in the entire household. Meanwhile, someone suggested him to come to India for Ayurveda treatment and even though he had tried a lot and was tired, yet he thought that let’s try once again… see what happens! He came to India, started getting his daughter treated at an Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala. The daughter stayed here for a long time. The effect of this Ayurvedic treatment was such that Rosemary’s eyesight returned to a great extent. You can imagine, as if a new lease of life was given and light came back into Rosemary’s life. As the new light has come in the whole family, Odinga ji was so emotional while telling me this and that he wishes, that the knowledge and science of Ayurveda of India, should be brought to Kenya. The type of plants that are used in it will be cultivated by them and he will do his best to get more people to benefit from it.
• It is a matter of great happiness for me that from our land and our tradition have alleviated such a great suffering from someone’s life. You will also be happy to hear this. Which Indian would not be proud of it? We all know that not only Odinga ji but lakhs of people across the world are reaping similar benefits from Ayurveda.