‘THE KERALA STORY’ Exposes New, Poisonous Form of Terror : JP Nadda

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The Kerala Story exposes a new, poisonous form of terrorism in which bombs and ammunition are not used, the BJP National President JP Nadda said after watching the movie at a screening in Bengaluru on 08 May, 2023.

Speaking to the media after the screening, BJP National President said, “We have heard gunshots, blasts and automatic weapons. But this is a dangerous form of terrorism in which guns, bombs and ammunition are not heard. ‘The Kerala Story’ exposes this poisonous form of terrorism.”

“This form of terrorism has no link to any state or religion. This lures youngsters, then misguides them and pushes them down the wrong path. This (film) reveals this and warns against it,” he added.

“This may be a film, but it tells a lot about terrorism. Our youth, in a pre-planned way, is tempted to join terror. He is pushed down that path and he reaches a point of no return,” he said.

The BJP National President also referred to Kerala High Court’s refusal to stay the release of the film. The court had noted that it did not find “anything offensive to any particular community as a whole” in the film’s trailer. “The Kerala High Court had made serious remarks on this matter. A former Chief Minister has also underscored its seriousness,” Shri Nadda said.

Describing the film as an “eye-opener”, Shri Nadda said it spreads awareness so that we move towards a better society. “I think we should all watch ‘The Kerala Story’. “As I said, this form of terrorism has no link to a religion or a state. This is universal. It needs to be exposed,” he said.