KG Marar : uncrowned emperor in Kerala’s socio-political field

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Shri KG Marar led BJP for a decade and half in Kerala. His contributions to BJP, Jana Sangh and RSS however far outweighed the years. He was the uncrowned emperor in the Kerala socio-political field spanning over three and a half decades with his wit, determination, dedication, shrewdness and vision. His tryst with RSS ignited his national spirit and dedicated his life for national cause. He left his teaching profession to work for Jana Sangh in Kannur, the CPM citadel. He laid the political foundation brick by brick, facing threats and obstacles.

He was made state secretary of Jana Sangh. He built the BJP up in Kerala, laying a strong foundation. He held various positions in the party, including State General Secretary and State President of BJP. An embodiment of dedicated principled politics he never compromised with his principles for power, having fought for the rights of tribals and fishermen community in the state. He was arrested during the Emergency in1975, and was imprisoned for 18 months. After getting released from the jail, Shri KG Marar was made the state council member of the Janata Party.

Contesting Assembly and Lok Sabha elections were only an extension of his political mission. At Manjeswaram, he lost by a wafer thin margin of 1,000 votes. From his own experience, he predicted CPM and Congress fronts joining hands to defeat BJP, vindicated several times since that day. Mararji had also predicted Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji will one day become India’s Prime Minister; sadly, he did not live to see Shri ­­Atal Bihari Vajpayee taking oath as country’s PM.