‘Lotus’ is set to bloom in Telangana : Amit Shah

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Rallies in Adilabad & Nizamabad, Telangana

Rallies in Adilabad & Nizamabad, Telangana

Union Home & Cooperation Minister and Senior BJP leader Shri Amit Shah addressed a public meeting in Adilabad & Nizamabad, Telangana on 05 May 2024 and criticised the Congress for putting the country’s security at stake for vote bank politics and misleading the public by releasing fake videos.

Shri Shah conveyed that the first two phases of the elections have already concluded, in which Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has surpassed Congress by a century, leaving them behind. In the third phase BJP’s tally will surpass 200 seats and after the Telangana elections, this number will exceed 250. Bharatiya Janata Party has consistently increased its vote share in each election in Telangana and is now poised to win over 10 seats in 2024.

The Union Home Minister said on one side, there’s the Congress party, embroiled in scams amounting to 12 lakh crore. On the other side is Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who has held positions as Chief Minister and Prime Minister for 23 years without a single allegation of corruption. Contrasting with Rahul Gandhi, born into privilege, Shri Narendra Modi hails from humble beginnings as the son of a tea seller.


-Congress and BRS cannot shield Telangana from the Razakars.
-Congress has introduced the Rahul-Revanth ‘RR’ tax in Telangana.
-Opposition is focused on the ABCs of appeasement: A for Asaduddin Owaisi, B for BRS and C for Congress.
-No matter how much Owaisi opposes, anti-national organizations like PFI will not operate as long as the BJP is in present.
-KCR will have to account the liquor scam to the people of Telangana.
-We will remove the unconstitutionally granted reservations for Muslims and restore the rightful reservations for SC, ST and OBC.


BJP advocates for ‘Vote for Vikas’

Rally in Ratnagiri & Sangli, Maharashtra

Union Home & Cooperation Minister and Senior BJP leader Shri Amit Shah addressed public meetings in Ratnagiri and Sangli, Maharashtra on 03 May 2024. Shri Amit Shah highlighted the appeasement politics of Congress and Nakli Shivsena, while praising PM Shri Narendra Modi’s development work. During the meeting, state BJP President Shri Chandrashekhar Bawankule, Union Minister Shri Ramdas Athawale, Union Minister Shri Bhagwat Karad, Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg Lok Sabha candidate Shri Narayan Rane, Sangli Lok Sabha candidate Shri Sanjay Patil, Kankavli MLA Shri Nitesh Rane, Shri Nilesh Rane and other leaders were present on the stage.

Shri Shah said we focus on laying a robust foundation for achieving the ambitious goal of ‘400 Paar’. He said the upcoming election presents an opportunity to re-elect Shri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for the third time. Each vote for Shri Narayan Rane will contribute to the victory of PM Shri Narendra Modi.


-Fake Shiv Sena’s President, Uddhav Thackeray is ashamed to mention the name of Veer Savarkar.
-In a bid to become Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray joined forces with the INC and Sharad Pawar, who had opposed the removal of Article 370.
-Uddhav Thackeray hesitates to chant “Jai Shivaji” and “Jai Bhavani”.
-INDI Alliance has now become Aurangzeb’s fan club.
-This election is between vote for Jihad and vote for Development.