MADAN DAS DEVI JI created world’s largest students organisation: JP Nadda

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The Bharatiya Janata Party National President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda on 31 July, 2023 paid tributes to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh senior Pracharak and great social worker Shri Madandas Devi ji at a condolence meeting held in New Delhi. Rich tributes were paid on behalf of the entire Bharatiya Janata Party.

Speaking at the condolence meeting, Shri Nadda said the presence of so many people at the condolence meeting which include three generations of our party workers speaks volume about his great personality, his works and sacrifices, his contributions to the country and society.

Shri Nadda said lakhs of people have dedicated themselves in the service of the nation and society inspired by the great personality and social work of Shri Madandas ji. This was the philosophy of the great RSS functionary. He was very soft, easygoing and helpful to others, but for himself he was very strict and disciplined.

The time he worked among students, that was not very appropriate time and there were hostilities. To set up students’ movement and work towards students activism, to dedicate his life in the service of lakhs of workers, and to take movement forward during tough times particularly during Emergency, this was his greatest achievement and contributions.

The BJP National President said Shri Madandas had great skill to understand the capabilities and qualities of a person. He used to judge the capability and nature of a person and accordingly would give him task and engage in various works. This was the exceptional quality of Shri Madandas. We all learnt from him how to take collective decisions and work hard without any wish to come to limelight or take credit. This quality we all have inculcated after working under him and learning from his life.

Shri Mandandas Devi set goals in the lives of crores of workers. Planning in advance, planning in detail, think globally – act locally, these are some philosophies which helped in making an important and strong organisation. All these reflects from his teachings and works.

The BJP National President said Shri Madandas had a very sharp acumen for judgement and understanding. To do night stays and how to strengthen the organisation from this night stays, he has taught us this art of organisational skills.
Shri Nadda said today, we can proudly say that Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad is the world’s largest organisation, and behind this there is three decades of hard work and dedication. And behind all this is the hard work and perseverance, planning and execution of Shri Devi. It was Shri Madandas ji who created the world’s largest students organisation.

Shri Nadda said we still remember 1985 was National Youth Year and we all had gathered at Rajghat in Delhi. In that programme 10774 delegates had gathered, making it world’s largest conference. During that time a Youth Conference took place in Russia where just 3500 delegates had gathered. Shri Madandas Devi had established Vidhyarthi Parishad and later how while fulfilling all his responsibilities for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh he dedicated his entire life for the Vidhyarthi Parishad. To remain in touch with people, to care for workers, this was the exceptional quality of Shri Devi.

The true tribute to Shri Madandas Devi would be that we all should dedicatedly follow the path shown by him. We should all follow his philosophy and principles to strengthen and expand our organisation.