‘Modi government will pass OBC bill in Parliament despite Congress opposition’

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BJP National President Shri Amit Shah visited Kaginele in Haveri district in north Karnataka on 04 April, 2018 which is the birth place of saint, philosopher, composer and social reformer Kanakadasa (1509-1609). Shri Shah was on the fifth round of his campaign in Karnataka.

Addressing an OBC convention in Kaginele on 04 April, 2018 Shri Amit Shah assured Other Backward Classes (OBC) that the Narendra Modi government would ensure passage of the OBC bill in Parliament despite Congress’ opposition to it.

“How much ever the Congress tries to oppose or create an obstacle, the Narendra Modi government at the Centre will pass the OBC Bill in both houses of Parliament. This is our decision and we will see to it that the community gets justice,” he said.

Shri Shah said the Congress had created an obstacle in passing the bill in the Rajya Sabha, demanding induction of an OBC representative in the Commission.

He said the Modi government, which believes in the welfare of all communities, had done enough for OBCs. “We have brought several schemes for all communities, including OBCs. Schemes such as Mudra Bank, Ujjwala, Saubhagya and Pradhan Mantri Yojana, among others, have been implemented. These schemes have reached the beneficiaries,” he said.

Under the Mudra scheme, about 50 lakh OBC youth had availed loans of the total of nearly one crore people who had availed of it, he said. Also as many as one lakh poor OBC women have been provided gas connections, he added.

Apparently referring to the Siddaramaiah government’s move on grant of religious minority tag for the Lingayat community, he said that Congress was adopting the divide and rule policy of the British and creating a wedge between communities.

On the other hand, the Modi government at the centre has been working for the welfare of all communities, including OBCs, with its development agenda of ‘Sabka-Saath-Sabka-Vikas,’ he said.

He said Siddaramaiah, who called himself a backward classes’ leader, was more concerned about the welfare of the minorities rather than the backward classes though they constituted a sizeable 22% of the State population. He said Siddaramaiah had prevented the people of Karnataka, particularly backward classes, from getting the benefits of 116 schemes launched by the Modi-led NDA government.

Listing out various schemes launched by the Centre, the BJP National President said that in all these schemes, crores of families of backward classes would have benefited if the State government had properly implemented them.

He said several Hindu activists had been killed by vested interests in the State and among them, many were from backward classes. He added that the Siddaramaiah government was trying to protect the accused involved in these murders. “How much ever Congress makes an effort to protect the killers of RSS and BJP workers, the next government under Shri Yeddyurappa’s stewardship will hunt them down even from the abyss and send them to jail,” he said.