Modi’s smart election campaign

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PM Modi Story                                                  By: Tej Bahadur Chauhan

PM Shri Narendra Modi is known for his election strategies and ability to connect with the people. His innovative suggestions and out of the box ideas have made the party workers work hard and smart which has helped BJP grow throughout the nation for past many decades.

Since 2014, Opposition parties have been clueless about Shri Modi’s election strategies and this is one of the reasons why the nation opts for Shri Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister.

However, Shri Modi’s smart and innovative election campaigns have been helping the party win elections since his early days in the BJP.

Here is an anecdote from the year 1997-98 when Shri Narendra Modi was incharge of Madhya Pradesh BJP and he was visiting Ujjain for a party meeting.

Shri Tej Bahadur Chauhan, BJP leader in Madhya Pradesh recalls his interaction with Shri Narendra Modi in Ujjain.

Shri Modi asked him about his responsibilities and the works he has been assigned by the party. Shri Chauhan replied that he distributes party flags and pamphlets, go to every household, meet people across the city and persuade the voters to vote for the BJP.

Shri Modi then asked him about his native place and enquired about the number of flags he distributes across the city. Shri Chauhan replied that he was a resident of Nagda comprising approximately 15 thousand houses and he distributes 2500-3000 flags in the city.

Listening to his reply Shri Modi asked him whether auto rickshaws operate in his city. A little surprised over Shri Modi’s question, Shri Chauhan replied in yes.
Then Shri Modi suggested him that you work hard to distribute 3000 party flags but may not get the desired result. While, if you can put up 50 party flags on different auto rickshaws in the city, they will wander throughout the city and give more access to party flags among the people rather than 3000 party flags put up on the houses.
Shri Chauhan was taken aback with Shri Modi’s suggestion. He later admitted that it was a simple thought process but it never struck him. He says that Shri Modi’s suggestion helped him work smart and yielded better results for the party.