Monthly fee of 500 will be ‘Zero’ and telephone charges of 5 per minute will be 1

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Government’s Diwali Gift to the Soldiers

Soldiers and officers of various army and Para-military units like CRPF, BSF, BRO, ITBP, etc. are deployed in remote and far flung areas to protect Borders of India. The soldiers and officers are working day and night without bothering about difficult weather conditions and as they are posted away from their homes and headquarters, there is a constant requirement for them to speak to their family and also to their Headquarters. They use only DSPT service provided by BSNL because there is no other means of communications available in those areas.

The Minister of Communications Shri Manoj Sinha said that in order to use the facility of DSPT, the soldiers & officers at present are required to pay monthly fee of Rs.500/- and call charges of Rs.5/- per minute. But, looking at the requirement of Soldiers & Officers and also the heavy cost they have to incur for talking to their family members, government has taken an important decision on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Shri Sinha said, from Diwali day (19th October, 2017), no monthly fee will be taken for using DSPT service.

The current monthly fee of Rs.500/- will be ‘Zero’ from this day onwards he said. And also, the present telephone charges of Rs.5/- per minute are being reduced to Re.1/- per minute. With this special Diwali Gift from NDA Government at Center, Defence personnel can now talk without worrying for more expenses to their home and their Headquarter.