Most Modi Government’s Schemes Are Based On Antyoday

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Ganesh Singh

Member of Parliament, Satna, Madhya Pradesh

One of the hallmarks of Modi government is to develop innovative schemes and quick implementation to gauge the results. Also, most of these schemes are based on the ‘Antyoday’ theme which makes the last person take advantage of the scheme.
Ganesh Singh, Member of Parliament from Satna constituency in Madhya Pradesh, narrates an incident of the launch of such a scheme where the scheme itself reached village of his constituency before he reached there.

Once during the session of Parliament, a list of aspirational districts was announced for implementation of a government scheme. Amongst these districts, a few villages of the constituency of MP, Ganesh Singh were also mentioned.

And, the prime minister asked all the MPs to visit their respective constituencies and see the implementation of the scheme.

Shri Ganesh Singh took a train for his constituency on Friday night and reached the Rajarwara village on Saturday morning. To his surprise, an under-secretary of the Rural Development ministry was already present there to oversee the implementation of the scheme.

So, when Shri Ganesh Singh asked the officer as to how did he reached there, the officer replied that these villages were under him so he had come to visit the villages. MP was surprised to see the speed of working of the government as the scheme was only announced 48 hours before.

There was a gap of only 48 hours within the announcement of the scheme and the MP reaching his constituency, still a government official was present in the village for proper implementation of the scheme.

This made the MP realize the dynamic thought process of PM Shri Modi and his commitment to the implementation of the schemes. He was also surprised that even before the MP could reach village, a government official reaches there, collects all data and meets MP as he reaches there.

Shri Ganesh Singh says that he has been a member of Parliament since 2004 but never witnessed such commitment for implementation of a scheme.