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Prime Minister’S address

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed a huge gathering of BJP Karyakartas after the party secured a massive win in Tripura and Nagaland Assembly elections. In his victory address at BJP National Headquarters in New Delhi on 02 March, 2023, PM Shri Modi said that the poll result showed a huge change in northeast. He added that the northeastern states are now “NA DILLI SE DOOR, NA DIL SE DOOR’.

At the start of his address, PM Shri Modi urged the BJP workers to turn on the flash lights on their phones to respect the brothers and sisters of northeast.

Election result is a message to the nation and to the world. It shows that in India, people trust democracy and democratic values

In past years, BJP has witnessed several such occasions. Today, we had another such occasion. I am thankful to people of Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya. People of these states have given full support to the BJP and its allies,” Shri Modi said.
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also congratulated BJP workers of the three northeastern states.

Today’s election result is a message to the nation and to the world. It shows that in India, people trust democracy and democratic values and that democracy is thriving in India. He said today’s results had comprehensively busted the myth that the BJP does not command acceptance among the minorities.

The PM predicted that like the northeastern states and Goa which, despite being minority dominated, were electing BJP governments, Kerala too would soon give BJP and allies a chance.

He added, “There was a time that elections used to happen in the northeast and results would be out, but not much would be discussed. Only poll violence and blockades were discussed. But this time, we saw a huge change in the northeast. We are seeing a northeast that is now a reflection of new thinking.”

Shri Modi said, “Many political analysts are trying to understand the reason for the victory of the BJP. Some of our well-wishers want to know the reason. The reason is ‘Triveni’. The first power is the work of the BJP governments, the second one is the work style of the BJP and the last one is the karyakartas of the BJP.”

Coming down heavily on the Left and the Congress for striking an unholy alliance in Tripura while rivaling each other in Kerala, the PM said, “Some opposition leaders and their ecosystems have tried hard for decades to perpetuate myths and stick labels at us—that we are a baniya party, a Hindi belt party; an urban middle class party without a rural base. The BJP has dismantled all these myths, including the myth that tribals do not support us. Gujarat was a shining example of generous ST support. For years, fear mongering has also been done among minorities about the BJP. But Goa has exposed this myth. In the northeast, too, the BJP is constantly gaining ground in Christian dominated belts. As more and more myths get busted, the BJP will expand further. I am sure Kerala too, like Goa and NE, will elect a BJP alliance government.”

Hailing voters of Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya for choosing peace and stability, the PM questioned the Congress which, while making light of its debacle today, said these are small states. “This hate for small states and small people will spell further doom for the Congress in upcoming polls,” the PM said, accusing past governments of ducking challenging issues to settle for a life of easy publicity.