Nation Is a Social Construct And Not The Physical Construct : Modi

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PM Modi’s B’day Special

Avdhoot Sumant
Advocate, Vadodara

Avdhoot Sumant, an advocate, recalls his conversation with Shri Narendra Modi during a Baudhik Varg of RSS at Vadodara in the 80s. Shri K.C. Sudarshan ji, the then RSS Sarsanghchalak was presiding over the session and Shri Modi was also present there.

After completion of the Baudhik Varg, the forum opened for discussion and all were allowed to ask direct questions to Sudarshan ji. Shri Avdhoot Sumant asked a question within that forum. He said, ‘Nation is different from State. Concept of State can change but the notion of Nation is unique and unchangeable. Nation is invisible and eternal, please explain with examples.’

To this question, Shri K.C. Sudarshan ji requested young Shri Narendra Modi to reply.

In his reply, Shri Narendra Modi emphasized that nation is like a human body.
Shri Modi further explained the concept with an example. He asked Shri Avdhoot, ‘How will you react if I slap you here?’

Shri Avdhoot replied, I will slap you back if I am strong enough to do so. Otherwise, I will run away.

To his reply Shri Modi further added, my slap hurts your cheeks, which was best responded by either your leg or hand. What Shri Modi meant by this was that the problems appeared on one part of the body was sensitively realised by the other parts of body and it responded back. If body lacks the solidarity among each other, in medical terms that is defined as paralysis. Similarly, if any of the citizen is attacked or suppressed in Assam, Jammu and Kashmir by any evil mind and if it does not make the other citizen sense his pain that means the consciousness for nation is in danger. Nation is a social construct and not the physical construct. A tree has only one root but it has different branches, leaves, flower and fruits. Connecting the people living together, assimilating them with one ideology, that is nation.