‘New Parliament is not just a new building but is symbol of a new beginning’

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PM addresses Rajya Sabha in the New Parliament Building

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed
the Rajya Sabha in the New Parliament Building on 19 September.

Addressing the House, the Prime Minister remarked that on the occasion is historic and memorable. He recalled his address in the Lok Sabha and expressed gratitude towards the Chair for the opportunity to address the Rajya Sabha on this special occasion.

Noting that the Rajya Sabha is considered the Upper House of the Parliament, the Prime Minister underlined the intentions of the makers of the Constitution that the House become a center for serious intellectual discussions rising above the ebb and flow of political discourse while giving a direction to the nation. “It is the natural expectation of the country”, the Prime Minister said as he noted that such contributions to the nation increase the value of the proceedings.

The Prime Minister quoted Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan that the Parliament is not just a legislative body but a deliberative body. Shri Modi said that it is always a pleasure to hear quality debates in Rajya Sabha. New Parliament, he said, is not just a new building but is also a symbol of a new beginning. At the dawn of Amrit Kaal, this new building will infuse a new energy in 140 crore Indians, he said.

Underlining Rajya Sabha’s role as House of the States, the Prime Minister said that in the time of emphasis on cooperative federalism, the country has moved forward with great cooperation on many critical matters. He mentioned the Corona pandemic as an example of center-state cooperation.

The Prime Minister said that not only during distress but also in the times of festivities, India has impressed the world. He said that the diversity of this great nation was showcased during G20 events in more than 60 cities and the Summit in Delhi. This is the power of cooperative federalism, he said. He also mentioned that the new building also represents the spirit of federalism as artifacts from states have found a place of prominence in the scheme of the new building.

The Prime Minister said that in the Samvidhan Sadan, we celebrated 75 years of Independence, when the century of Independence will be celebrated in the New Building in 2047, it will be a celebration in Viksit Bharat. He further said that in the old building, we reached up to 5th spot in terms of the economy of the world. “I am confident that in the New Parliament, we will be part of the top three economies of the world”, he said. He continued, “While we undertook many measures for the welfare of the poor, in the new Parliament we will achieve saturation of coverage of those schemes.”

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to adopt new technologies along with the New Parliament Building as the House is equipped with cutting-edge technology. He also urged the Members to support each other in getting accustomed to the new technology available in the House.

In this Digital Age, the Prime Minister said, we must make technology a part of our lives. Referring to Make in India, the Prime Minister said that the nation is making the most out of this initiative with new energy and enthusiasm.