In Ayodhya, the magnificent Ram temple is not just an electoral promise, but our mission: PM Modi

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Today, amidst the fervent campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a resounding speech in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He said, “Ten years ago, I came to Saharanpur for an election rally. I assured you that I would not let the country bow down, I would not let the country stop. At that time, our country was the 11th economic power in the world. In just 10 years, we have made India the 5th largest economic power in the world.”

“The Congress government had weakened India’s image and made it a corrupt country. Today, the BJP government has made India’s image strong and has made it a rapidly developing country. That’s why today the whole country is once again saying – ‘Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar’,” the PM added.

PM Modi remarked on the BJP’s foundation day, highlighting the party’s rapid growth and widespread support. He attributed this success to the party’s focus on national interest over politics, emphasizing their slogan ‘Nation First’ and said that BJP foundation day resonates our priority of ‘Rashtraneeti’ over ‘Rajneeti’.

During the public meeting, PM Modi stated that the BJP’s mission has always been the country’s development. “The construction of the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya and the removal of Article 370 from J&K were not mere promises but missions accomplished. Making India a strong nation is the commitment of the BJP. This means as is the intention of the BJP, as is its dedication, so are its policies. Therefore, I say, ‘Niyat Sahi, Toh Natije Sahi’,” said PM Modi.

Talking about the ‘Vocal For Local’ campaign, PM Modi said, “The wood carving of Saharanpur and the renowned skills of its people are well-known far and wide. We want to boost sales of your products, which is why he has brought ‘One District, One Product’ scheme. Have you ever heard such things from the leaders of the opposition alliance? We have initiated the PM Vishwakarma Yojana to increase the income of all families involved in traditional arts. This will greatly benefit our artisans in Saharanpur on a large scale.”

Condemning the Congress and Samajwadi Party, PM Modi expressed, “The situation of the Samajwadi Party is such that it has to change its candidates every hour. These people are unable to make decisions even regarding their candidates. The Congress is also unable to find candidates. Even in the constituencies that Congress considered its stronghold, it lacks the courage to field candidates. They have again released the movie ‘Do Ladke’ which was a flop last time.”

Accusing the Congress of lacking a vision to lead the nation, the PM remarked, “The Congress that once fought for independence ended decades ago. Now, the remaining Congress lacks neither policies for the welfare of the nation nor a vision for nation-building.”
PM Modi criticized the Congress party’s manifesto and said that the recent manifesto release underscores the disconnect between the Congress and modern India’s aspirations. He said, “Reflecting a historical ideology akin to the Muslim League, the manifesto is heavily influenced by leftist ideologies. Overall, the Congress fails to address contemporary issues and is unfit to lead India into the 21st century.”

Targeting the opposition parties which have come together against the PM, he said, “Some parties are struggling, floundering to attain power. I say – ‘Bhrastachar Hatao, they say – Bhrashtachari Bachao’. But Modi is not one to retreat. Swift action against corruption will continue, and this is Modi’s Guarantee.” He added, “My 24/7 is for 2047; your dream is Modi’s resolve.” Also, PM Modi appealed to the people of Saharanpur and Kairana to cast their votes in favor of the BJP on a large scale.