The BJP government is boosting tourism in Uttarakhand, creating new job opportunities: PM

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Ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections of 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his heartfelt gratitude to all the people who gathered in the Rishikesh rally upon the PM’s arrival. The PM said, “You have come in such large numbers to bless us in Rishikesh, the gateway to Char Dham, situated in the proximity of Mother Ganga.” The PM discussed several key aspects related to Uttarakhand’s vision and the milestones achieved already.

Addressing the crowd, the PM shared, “Yesterday I was in Tamil Nadu, situated on the ocean coast, at the southern end of India. There also people are saying –Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar! Today I am in the lap of the Himalayas, in the company of Baba Kedar and Badri Vishal. So here also the same echo – Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!

With sheer confidence, the PM remarked, “Today there is a government in the country which in the last 10 years has made India many times stronger than before.”

PM Modi presented a glimpse of the milestones achieved by the BJP Government over the past years, which include the elimination of terrorists in their hideouts, the abolition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir after seven decades, and the enactment of laws against triple talaq, addressing long-standing social issues. The PM also added, “Additionally, the BJP government ensured women’s representation by granting them reservation in both the Lok Sabha and Assembly, fostering inclusivity and gender equality in governance.”

PM Modi elaborated on the One Rank One Pension scheme and said, “It is Modi who has given more than Rs 1 lakh crore to ex-servicemen by implementing OROP. Here in Uttarakhand too, military families have received more than Rs 3.5 thousand crores.”

Sharing the plight of soldiers during the Congress regime, PM Modi said, “Under Congress, soldiers lacked basic protective gear like bulletproof jackets, leaving them vulnerable to enemy bullets. It’s the BJP that prioritized their safety, providing Indian-made bulletproof jackets. Today, thanks to the BJP, India manufactures modern rifles, fighter planes, and aircraft carriers domestically. Unlike the weak Congress government, BJP has developed modern infrastructure along the borders, including roads and tunnels, ensuring security and progress.”

PM Modi further went on to say, “The BJP government is boosting tourism in Uttarakhand, creating new job opportunities. Our aim is to improve accessibility for tourists across the state by enhancing road, rail, and air infrastructure in Devbhoomi.”

The PM also highlighted the expanding tourism in Uttarakhand, stating, ‘Until 2017, around 5 lakh devotees visited Kedarnath annually. Last year, the number surged to 20 Lakhs pilgrims. The entire Chardham Yatra saw over 55 lakh visitors in the same period. Personally, I visited Adi Kailash and Om Parvat in Manaskhand last year.

Exposing the maladaptive mindset of Congress and observed that “Congress opposes both development and heritage. They’ve even questioned the existence of Lord Ram, opposed the Ram temple, and boycotted its consecration. Now, they’re threatening the Shakti of the Hindu religion. Now they are raising questions on the existence of Ganga ji. The people of Uttarakhand will teach them a lesson.”

In his concluding statement, the PM reiterated his love for Uttarakhand and said, “Uttarakhand, the land of Brahmakamal, awaits the blooming of the Panch-Kamal with full glory once again. On April 19th, let’s ensure victory for the BJP candidates at every booth for a brighter future.” The PM extended his thanks to everyone in the crowd individually, blessing them all.