The BJP government has diligently tackled the issues faced by sugarcane farmers: PM

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi showered his love and admiration upon the crowd of Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. The crowd gathered to celebrate PM Modi’s arrival to the city. PM Modi graced the event and discussed his vision of Uttar Pradesh with the audience.

Initiating his speech, PM Modi extended his heartfelt greetings on the auspicious occasions of Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Cheti Chand, Navreh, Sajibu Cheiraoba. The PM shared that along with Pilibhit, he also had the privilege of interacting with the people of Bareilly and that everyone’s message is clear- Phir Ek Baar…Modi Sarkar!

Contemplating India’s stance as a global power in today’s world, PM Modi observed that there was a time when the Congress government had to ask for aid from the rest of the world. But now, he continued, “I’m proud. In the face of crisis, India rose, sending vaccines worldwide and bringing back our citizens safely from conflict zones. We also honored our sacred values by bringing Guru Granth Sahib from Afghanistan with utmost devotion. It’s a testament to our strength, compassion, and unity as a nation.”

Going back in time, the PM reminisced, “Pilibhit and its surroundings are renowned for farming. Do you recall the plight of farmers a decade ago? They suffered due to black marketing of costly urea, often enduring beatings. Today, there’s an ample and uninterrupted supply of urea, marking a significant improvement for farmers.”

PM Modi also made the crowd aware of certain successful attempts of the government like, “The bag which is available in the world for Rs 3,000, is being made available to you by our government for less than Rs 300. Here the farmers of UP have also received about Rs 70,000 crore under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Out of this, about Rs 800 crore has reached the bank accounts of the farmers of Pilibhit.”

Taking a sharp dig at the opposition, the PM mentioned that, “Who knows better than you how sugarcane farmers suffered under Congress and SP rule, tortured for their hard-earned money. The BJP government has diligently tackled the issues faced by sugarcane farmers, facilitating the opening and expansion of numerous sugar mills, with this effort ongoing.”

PM Modi, a staunch believer in women’s empowerment and its significance, took a jab at the opposition’s remark on “Shakti” and said, “On this auspicious first day of Navratri, as we commence the worship of Shakti, let’s remember how the INDI Alliance vows to eradicate this divine force. Congress’s disrespect towards the revered power worshipped nationwide today is undeniable. The INDI Alliance’s insult to the worship of power won’t be forgiven by any devotee.”

PM Modi also exposed the real intentions of the opposition and said, “Congress is deeply rooted in appeasement, seemingly unable to break free. Their manifesto resembles more of the Muslim League’s than their own. Under the pressure of appeasement, both Congress and the Samajwadi Party oppose the CAA. If India doesn’t grant citizenship to persecuted Hindu and Sikh brothers fleeing foreign atrocities, who will? CAA stands to benefit numerous families in Pilibhit, yet Congress and Samajwadi Party oppose it.”

He affirmed, “It’s the BJP that stands firmly with Sikhs, understanding their sentiments. We take pride in the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor serving millions of Sikh pilgrims. Removing GST on langar items, granting FCRA registration for Sri Harmandir Sahib, celebrating Veer Bal Diwas, honoring the Sahibzadas’ bravery, and commemorating important Sikh festivals like the 550th Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, 400th Prakash Parv of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, and 350th Prakash Parv of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.” PM Modi took pride in all of these efforts by the BJP government, highlighting their grand importance, both at home and abroad.

PM Modi rebuked INDI Alliance’s divisive nature and its efforts at dividing India. The PM reinstated that to uphold India’s unity and integrity, victory for the BJP is imperative and reminded the audience that on April 19, Jitin Prasada ji must triumph in Pilibhit, and on May 7, Chhatrapal Singh Gangwar ji must secure a resounding win in Bareilly.

In his final address, PM Modi expressed his gratitude to all the attendees, encouraging them to personally convey his regards as they visit each doorstep.