BJP National President Addresses Two Massive Public Rallies In West Bengal

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In the jungle raj of the Mamata Banerjee government there is no governance and the law and order situation is in a shambles. The people of West Bengal have made up their minds to say good bye to the poor governance of the Mamata Banerjee government. The massive public gathering today clearly tells us that the time has come for change in the state as the people of West Bengal are ready for it.

In TMC, T stands for Tolabazi, M for Mafia and C for Corruption and Commission. In West Bengal various scams took place which include SSC scam, TET recruitment scam and lottery scam. Before that there were other scams which include Sarada scam, Narda scam and Chitfund scam. The Mamata Banerjee government is the mother of all scams and it is the most corrupt government.

Mamata Didi is a woman and also a Chief Minister, but under her rule the condition of women is highly pathetic and they are not at all safe and secure. According to a media report West Bengal is ranked fourth in the country when it comes to crime against women, the state is at the top in the cases of acid attacks, and in third position in the cases of women trafficking and abduction. In cases related to dowry deaths West Bengal is among the top 5 states. It is a matter of deep concern and sorrow.

Didi, though your name is Mamata which means love and affection, you don’t have these traits as people of West Bengal feel this. You put behind bars those who make your cartoons. Here in West Bengal the people wearing rubber slippers are looting crores from the state . The people of West Bengal no longer wants a government which talks about Maa, Nati, Manush but is completely fake and full of falsehood . Didi, people of West Bengal are saying that you made false promises but did no work on the ground.

Soon all the dirty games of cut money, Tolabazi, syndicate and massive corruption will end in West Bengal. Soon the game of TMC government and Mamata Didi will be all over, the game of fake government will also end.

Mamata Banerjee is openly promoting the culture of violence in politics in West Bengal. The people of West Bengal have taken the pledge that it will no longer tolerate the political culture of violence, bloodshed, atrocities, appeasement and corruption.

Our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji is providing free rations to poor and needy people across the country under the Pradhanmantri Gareeb Kalyan Anna Yojna, but in West Bengal the leaders and workers of TMC are looting this rations meant for poor and needy people.TMC workers are openly selling this rations in black market thus depriving poor people of West Bengal their right. In West Bengal the Jal Jeevan scheme is also not being implemented of poor people.

Mamata Didi has changed the name of the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana to Bangla Awas Yojana. Now when the audit of this scheme is talking place it is coming to light that pucca houses have been given to just TMC workers. Such highly corrupt and immoral government has no right to remain in power for not even a minute.

Under the highly beneficial scheme launched by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, the Ayushman Bharat Yojna, over 55 crore poor and needy people are getting the Rs 5 lakh for free treatment across the country, but the Trinamool Congress party government of Mamata Banerjee is not implementing this scheme in West Bengal thus depriving crores of people of the state of this highly important health insurance scheme.

Similarly, Mamata Didi for the past 3 years has not allowed the Pradhanmantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna to be implemented in West Bengal thus depriving poor farmers of annual monetary benefits. Mamata Didi has just one agenda which is — Debo na, hobe na ( will not give and will not allow to happen). When the Bharatiya Janata Party raised this issue during the last election, Mamata Didi succumbed under the pressure and implemented the scheme in the state.

Our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji has never ignored West Bengal and its people. The Narendra Modi Government gave Rs 1000 crores for Kolkata Metro rail project, Rs 15 crores for the Chitranjan cancer centre, Rs 63 crores for the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute and Rs 23 crores for the Indian Statistical Institute.

The honourable mother of our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji died on December 30, 2022. That day also after paying his tributes to her mother and attending her funeral, our Honourable Prime Minister returned to Delhi and joined the official work thus expressing his devotion and dedication to the motherland. That day our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji had flagged off a Vande Bharat train and unveiled developed projects worth over Rs 7800 crores for West Bengal.