BJP prioritizes women’s safety and respect above all else: PM

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public event in Zaheerabad, Telangana, where he expressed his love and admiration for the audience. He shared his transparent vision for a Viksit Telangana and a Viksit Bharat. PM Modi also reiterated his commitment to fighting corruption and ensuring the safety and security of all citizens.

Commencing his speech, PM Modi took pride in his government and mentioned that, “In the last 10 years, the country has seen how far a stable and decisive NDA government can take the country forward. There was a time when the world was progressing, but Congress had trapped India in the quagmire of corruption. The world was making economic progress, but India was a victim of policy paralysis. NDA has brought India out of that period with great difficulty. But, Congress again wants to take the country to the old bad days.”

Inviting an open dialogue with the crowd, PM Modi asked, “The Telugu film industry has given India blockbuster films like RRR. However, today, the Telangana Congress has burdened the state’s people with RR Tax. The film RRR has brought India’s name to the forefront worldwide. But this RR tax is bringing shame to India. There is widespread discussion about this RR tax in Telangana. It is alleged that industrialists and contractors in Telangana are required to pay a certain percentage of RR tax. It is claimed that a significant portion of the total collection here goes to Delhi as RR tax. I know you all are troubled by this RR Tax. I don’t need to delve into further detail. The public is now questioning: Who is this ‘R’, and where does this R-tax end up in Delhi?”

Launching his fiery attack against the Opposition parties, PM Modi remarked strongly, “Congress has found a new way to loot you – inheritance tax. Under their rule, 55 per cent of your lifetime earnings won’t go to your children, but to their vote bank supporters. Beware of their dangerous intentions. BRS looted Telangana, now Congress is following suit. They’re suppressing files of the Kaleshwaram scam they once promised to investigate.”

“Congress and BRS are two sides of the same corruption coin. This was evident in the Delhi liquor scam, where BRS members were involved with a party allied with Congress. When action was taken against this scam, members of this corruption racket came together in support of each other,” PM Modi added.

Taking a staunch stance in support of women’s empowerment and safety, PM Modi established that, “Under Congress rule, not only are women’s rights endangered, but so is their safety. When it comes to choosing between women’s safety and the vote bank, Congress prioritizes the latter. In contrast, BJP prioritizes women’s safety and respect above all else.”

“Today, the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya stands as a testament to the power of a strong, decisive, and patriotic government. This historic moment has been awaited for 500 years, is proof that your one vote can create history. For Congress, their vote bank is paramount, and the faith of those outside their vote bank doesn’t matter to them. That’s why efforts are being made to ban our festivals here in Telangana. Even Ram Navami processions are being banned to appease the vote bank,” PM Modi expressed the sorry state of affairs.

“In Telangana, people of the Lingayat and Maratha community have 26 castes who are demanding to be included in the BC, but the Congress does not want to include the Lingayat, Maratha, and the 26 castes into the BC list, but they included Muslims in the BC list overnight,” said the PM.

Exposing the harsh realities of the opposition and their vile intentions, PM Modi reflected, “When Telangana was part of united Andhra Pradesh, Andhra gave a record number of seats to the Congress in 2004 and 2009. Instead of worrying about SC, ST, and BC, Congress started robbing them of their reservation. They made Andhra Pradesh a laboratory of appeasement, removing the reservation rights of BCs and giving them to Muslims. This unconstitutional act, reservation based on religion, goes against Baba Saheb’s sentiments. As this truth started reaching the SC, ST, and BC communities, Congress began sweating. They activated their dirty tricks department, spreading fake videos across the country. Telangana Congress and the Chief Minister himself are implicated in this. Can we expect people holding constitutional posts to behave like this?”

Concluding his remarks, PM Modi urged the people of Telangana to ensure a resounding victory for him in the upcoming elections. He reiterated his guarantee to work tirelessly day and night to fulfil the dreams of every common citizen in the country. The PM also requested the crowd to convey his warmest regards to every doorstep.