BJP’s Sankalp Patra is a resolution letter for the development of the country: PM

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Ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections, 2024, PM Modi was garnered with love and admiration at public rallies in Alathur & Attingal, Kerala. The PM extended his best wishes on the occasion of Vishu and presented his transparent vision of Kerala to the audience. PM Modi offered a glimpse of BJP’s Sankalp Patra, pledging advancement and prosperity to every corner of the nation.

Commencing his spirited speech, the PM metaphorically indicated, “Amidst the outpouring of support, it’s clear: Kerala’s stepping into a new era. This New Year marks the start of development, a shift in politics, and a bold voice in Parliament. Kerala echoes in union: Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!”

Expressing his confidence on BJP’s recently released Election Manifesto, PM Modi observed that, “BJP’s Sankalp Patra is a resolution letter for the development of the country. There’s Modi Ki Guarantee on every page of the manifesto!” The PM also added that, “Modi Ki Guarantee means all senior citizens above 70 years of age will get free medical treatment under Ayushman Yojana. 3 crore new houses will be built for the poor under PM Awas Yojana, Modi Ki Guarantee means people will continue to get cheap medicines at an 80 percent discount at every Jan Aushadhi centre of Kerala and Modi Ki Guarantee i.e. our youth will now get support of 20 lakh rupees instead of 10 lakhs under Mudra Yojana.”

PM Modi expressed deep pride in the development of Kerala as a state and India as a whole and mentioned, “In the last decade, the people of Kerala have experienced first-hand, the progress of our nation. India now commands respect on the global stage, with Indians, including those in the Gulf, being treated with dignity abroad. We’ve witnessed India’s capability to swiftly rescue citizens trapped in conflict zones and to stand self-reliant in crises like the COVID pandemic, producing indigenous vaccines not only for our own nation but also extending assistance to others worldwide.” However, the PM also noted, that, “Whatever has happened in the last ten years is just a trailer. There is still a lot to be accomplished; we still have to take the country forward.”

Demonstrating his angst against the opposition, PM Modi shared, “Under BJP leadership, our nation is swiftly progressing. However, the LDF-UDF in Kerala is dragging the state backwards. Despite the NDA’s efforts for Kerala’s development, the state government impedes progress and opposes National Highways projects. Their ideology seems to be ‘Nothing Left and Nothing Right,’ leaving chaos in their wake. We’ve seen this in Bengal and Tripura, and sadly, Kerala is no exception.”

“Sadly, Kerala, once known for its peace, now grapples with rampant violence and anarchy. Political murders openly take place, and college campuses harbour anti-social elements. Those disrupting communal harmony receive government protection, posing a threat even to our children’s safety.” the PM added.

“In Kerala, public funds are openly plundered. These individuals devise new corruption schemes to drain every rupee from the public coffers. The Karuvannur Co-Operative Bank Scam epitomizes the Left’s looting, leaving everyone dismayed. With a bank once worth Rs 300 crores reduced to a mere Rs 2 crores, it’s a glaring example of their mismanagement,” PM Modi expressed in disappointment.

Taking a sharp jibe against the incumbent regime, PM Modi reflected, “For three years, the CPM Chief Minister falsely promised justice for victims of the cooperative scam. It was your servant, Modi under whom the investigation was initiated, leading to the attachment of assets worth 90 crore rupees from the culprits. Legal advice is sought to ensure the return of funds to the victims. The BJP government has already refunded 17,000 crore rupees to scam victims nationwide. Rest assured, every effort will be made to retrieve the money lost in this corrupt scheme.”

The PM further launched his attack against the Congress party and stated, “A prominent Congress leader, struggling to maintain his family stronghold in UP, has sought refuge in Kerala. Congress, in a bid to win elections, has struck a covert deal with a banned organization’s political wing. Yet, this leader remains silent on issues like the Co-Operative Bank Scam.”

Showing his actual concern towards the people of Kerala, the PM conveyed, “People of Kerala have to be cautious of both LDF-UDF.” The PM also exposed the harsh realities of the opposition and marked that, “Despite Kerala’s Congress branding the Left as terrorists, they form alliances in Delhi and even contest elections together in Tamil Nadu. The leftists, once critical of Congress nepotism, now seek their advice on the matter. United under the INDI Alliance, they fear Modi’s crackdown on corruption. Their common target is Modi, but rest assured, every vote for BJP and NDA will speak for the welfare of the poor.”

In his second rally at Attingal, PM Modi said, “The BJP has announced in its Sankalp Patra that we will connect global tourists with our heritage and confer World Heritage status on our heritage. There is a great possibility of this happening in Kerala. The BJP’s plan is the overall development of major tourist destinations. The BJP will also establish new centers for eco-tourism in Kerala. This will greatly benefit our tribal families by creating opportunities for them. The BJP government will also provide financial help to women for homestays.”

Throwing more light on the BJP’s ‘Sankalp Patra’, PM Modi emphasized, “The BJP has committed in its Sankalp Patra to focus on coastal line protection. This initiative will significantly aid the fishermen in Kerala. Our endeavors will aim to safeguard their livelihoods, which have suffered due to the actions of the LDF-UDF over the years. Furthermore, we will set up new clusters dedicated to fishery production and processing.”

Coming down heavily on the UDF and the LDF, the PM stated, “The credibility of the Congress and the Left is such that even after decades of governing, they have nothing to count as their achievements. When they go among the people, they attempt to take credit for the schemes of the central government by lying.” PM Modi questioned, “Today, a water crisis has emerged in several parts of Kerala. People are not getting water. Who should take credit for this? Today, Kerala’s coir industry is on the verge of closure. The livelihood of coir industry workers is at stake. Who will take credit for this?”


In his concluding remarks, the PM envisioned April 26th as a day of commitment to Kerala’s progress. Encouraging every voter to support BJP candidates, he emphasized the importance of sustaining the momentum of development. The PM also urged the audience to spread his gratitude and greetings to every doorstep.