Congress hollowed the country by spreading the termite of ‘Parivarwad’ and corruption: PM

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Campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha election has intensified, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the star campaigner for the NDA, amplifying his support for BJP candidates in Rajasthan. PM Modi addressed public meetings in Jalore and Banswara today. Addressing the event, he said, “In the first phase of voting, half of Rajasthan has taught Congress a good lesson. Rajasthan, deeply rooted in patriotism, knows that Congress can never build a strong India.”

The Prime Minister took aim at the Congress leadership saying that the country does not want such a weak Congress government as it was before 2014. “Everyone used to threaten the weak Congress government, everyone was involved in looting the country. No one would question the Prime Minister, the government was run by remote control. Cabinet decisions were passed, ordinances were torn apart in front of the media,” he said while taking a dig at a prominent Congress leader.

Furthermore, PM Modi said, “Some Congress leaders have left the Lok Sabha and entered the Rajya Sabha, that too from Rajasthan, as they don’t have the courage and confidence to contest elections. They are not even campaigning. Congress hollowed the country by spreading the termite of ‘Parivarwad’ and corruption.”

Taunting the Congress party’s struggle to field candidates for elections, Prime Minister Modi remarked, “For a party that once clinched 400 seats, it’s now a challenge to compete on even 300 seats. Congress is struggling to find candidates. The opportunistic INDI Alliance they’ve forged have crumbled before they could even take off. They label it an alliance, yet they’re embroiled in internal conflicts. Approximately 25% of the country’s seats witness their internal clashes.”

Talking to the people of Jalore, PM Modi announced that those who haven’t yet secured a pakka house will be guaranteed by Modi. He mentioned that out of the 3 crore houses to be constructed, one belongs to you. Also, he urged people to inform the sisters of families yet to receive a permanent home that these houses will be allocated in their names.

During the rally, PM Modi also addressed healthcare services, mentioning that in Rajasthan, 10,000 Ayushman Arogya Mandirs have been established to ensure the residents don’t have to travel far for initial treatment. “The establishment of a medical college in Sirohi has proven to be very beneficial. Soon, a medical college will also be ready in Jalore,” he said.

The Prime Minister accused the Congress party of indulging in corruption within the Jal Jeevan Mission and exacerbating the water crisis. He remarked, ” Congress has never been sincere about ensuring that farmers and people here get water, thus ending the biggest crisis of their lives. The Salgaon Dam project serves as a prime example of this. The project was supposed to be made over four decades ago, but now the BJP government is working with determination to swiftly fulfill this commitment.”

“In the last 10 years, numerous tasks have been accomplished with your blessings. But now, this is just the trailer. Now, we have to elevate the development of Rajasthan and the progress of the nation to new heights,” he added.

Later in the day, the Prime Minister addressed another meeting in Banswara, where he spoke on how the BJP is dedicated to the welfare of the poor and works with complete honesty, while on the other side, the Congress’ shop has fear, hunger, and corruption as the only things for sale.

“Congress has always instilled fear in Dalits, sometimes in tribals, sometimes in minorities. Even today, they are spreading fear about democracy, the constitution, and reservation. But Congress doesn’t realize that India has moved beyond all kinds of fear. That’s why their lies are not working anymore. Look at the states across the country with a significant tribal population; Congress is either out of power or is a third or fourth-ranked party,” he added. The PM also spoke at length on work done by the central government for the tribals of the country.

Taking a sharp dig at a Congress leader, PM Modi asserted that, “ISRO is the organization responsible for launching rocket after rocket in the country. It was ISRO that successfully launched our Chandrayaan. Besides ISRO, there is also a political party here that primarily focuses on launching, and that party is Congress. Congress launches its Shehzaade at regular intervals. While ISRO’s launches are celebrated worldwide, Congress has failed to launch its Shehzaade. Similar efforts are being made in this election as well, but you all know the result.”

Focusing on youth, PM Modi said, ” During Congress’ rule, the dreams of youth were played with. Now, our government under the leadership of Bhajan Lal Ji has initiated action against the paper leak mafia as well. The central government has also enacted a stringent law for this purpose. This law will ensure severe punishment for those who deceive the youth – this is Modi’s guarantee.”

PM Modi said, “The situation of the Congress, engulfed in selfishness and opportunism, has become such that even the royal family of the Congress will not vote for the Congress in Delhi. Wherever members of this royal family reside, those seats have also not favored the Congress. And if you look here in Rajasthan, many Congress leaders are going door-to-door saying not to vote for Congress candidates.”

Coming down heavily on the ‘grand old party’ in Banswara, PM Modi iterated, “Congress is trapped in the clutches of the Leftists and urban naxals. What Congress has said in its manifesto is serious and worrying. They have said that if they form a government then a survey of property belonging to every person will be done.  It will be checked how much gold our sisters own, how much money government employees have. They have also said that gold owned by our sisters would be equally distributed. Does government have the right to take your property?”

To make India the world’s third economic power and transform Rajasthan into a developed state, leading to a developed India, PM Modi implored people, especially first-time voters to come out to vote in large numbers for BJP candidates on April 26.