The Congress party has lost touch with India’s culture and heritage: PM

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With the Lok Sabha Elections of 2024 approaching, Rajampet, Andhra Pradesh celebrated the grand arrival of PM Modi. Speaking to the enthusiastic crowd at a public meeting, the PM shared his vision of a Viksit Andhra Pradesh and exposed the true motives of the Opposition.

Initiating his address, PM Modi expressed his heartfelt thoughts in an open dialogue and questioned the crowd, “Farmers are struggling here, and the youth are forced to seek employment in other cities. Isn’t it time for a change? So, what’s the solution? A double-engine government in Andhra Pradesh.”

PM Modi turned his attention to the people of Andhra Pradesh. Reflecting on recent developments, he remarked, “The people of Andhra Pradesh had high hopes when they elected the YSR Congress government. But have they betrayed you? Instead of development, they’ve fostered mafia culture, neglecting the needs of the poor. It’s shocking to see YSR Congress ministers engage in hooliganism and promote lawlessness. The devastating consequences of the sand mafia were evident when the Annamayya Dam broke, causing damage to 25-30 villages and claiming dozens of lives.” With a sense of urgency, he added, “This government is fostering such mafias,” as he targeted the opposition.

In a compelling address, PM Modi reminded the audience, “When the government is strong, the country is strong.” He asked, “So, is India strong today?” Reflecting on Indian expatriates in the Gulf, he questioned, “Do you feel that respect for Indians in the Gulf has increased?” Highlighting his government’s intervention in a crisis in Qatar, he emphasized, “Modi brought them back safely.” Urging support for the NDA, he remarked, “That’s why every vote should go to the NDA.”

In a fervent state, PM Modi highlighted his relentless efforts towards nation-building, pushing the country forward day and night. However, he warned the audience of the Congress’ intentions to reverse progress. “The Congress threatens to undo significant achievements of the last 10 years,” he declared. He listed their promises to bring back Article 370, cancel the CAA, and halt free ration and medical treatment schemes. Moreover, he added, “They claim they will overturn the Supreme Court’s decision on the Ram Mandir and even consider locking it.” He posed a crucial question to the audience, “Would you accept this?”

PM Modi drew attention to a concerning trend within the Congress party. He remarked, “The Congress party has lost touch with India’s culture and heritage. It’s completely disconnected from its roots, always harbouring divisive thoughts. Their mindset sees the country in pieces, leading to statements that undermine national unity. Recently, a senior Congress leader made shameful remarks, indicating the party’s divisive mindset. They suggested that people from the North East resemble Chinese, those from South India look like Africans and people from Western India resemble Arabs. This attitude extends to North Indians being compared to whites. Such racist remarks are unacceptable. Congress, once responsible for dividing the country for power, is now resorting to divisive language against fellow Indians. Their desperation is evident, but the country sees through it. Will you hold Congress accountable for such thinking?”

In a stark revelation, the PM warned the audience about the INDI Alliance’s intentions and said “They claim they will provide full reservation for SC/ST/OBC to the minority. Can you imagine the intentions of the INDI Alliance? They plan to completely abolish the reservation for SC/ST/OBC. Instead, they want to give full reservation to Muslims.” Emphasizing the constitutional violation and showing grave concern, he added, “Our constitution prohibits reservation based on religion. Hence, they aim to amend the Constitution.”

Looking ahead, PM Modi outlined plans for the next 5 years “In the next 5 years, we will establish special storage clusters for vegetables such as tomatoes. The Banana Processing Cluster in Pulivendula has already been a great success, benefiting both farmers and youth. Over the next 5 years, we aim to further expand the food processing industry. Additionally, he assured, “Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) will receive assistance in this endeavour.”

In conclusion, PM Modi urged, “All NDA candidates must be elected as MLAs and MPs” and additionally, to convey his gratitude door-to-door with a “Namaskar.”