Congress realizes it can’t match Modi’s development agenda: PM

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Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji addressed a public meeting in Nandurbar, Maharashtra on Friday. Shri Modi criticized the Congress for labeling the celebration of Ram Navami as being against the Idea of India. During the rally, Maharashtra CM Shri Eknath Shinde, Deputy CM Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Nandurbar Lok Sabha candidate Smt. Heena Gavit and other leaders were present on the stage.

Shri Modi stated that the massive gathering in Nandurbar is a testament to the blessing bestowed upon us, reaffirming ‘Fir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar’. Serving the deprived and tribal communities is akin to serving my own family members. Unlike the Congress’ royal family, I come from humble beginnings, having grown up in poverty. The people in this region have endured significant hardships, tribals have even had to struggle for basic necessities like water. Many tribal families still lack proper housing even after 60 years of Independence, and electricity hasn’t reached numerous villages. That’s why I took the resolution to provide every poor and tribal individual with a pucca house, access to water, and electricity in every village. Under the BJP government, after 75 years of Independence, we have provided 1.25 lakh pucca houses to the poor in Nandurbar alone. If there are still individuals who have not yet benefited from these schemes, let them know that in the third term, their demands will also be fulfilled. The BJP government has decided to provide an additional 3 crore pucca houses. The NDA government has successfully provided water to every household in over 20 thousand villages across Maharashtra, including 111 villages in Nandurbar. This is just a trailer; Modi has a lot to do for the people.

Hon’ble Prime Minister emphasized the stark difference between the efforts of the BJP and the neglect of the Congress towards tribal communities. In tribal areas, issues like sickle cell anemia have posed significant challenges, yet the Congress never prioritized addressing this problem. It is the BJP that has initiated a campaign to eradicate sickle cell anemia. Modi’s efforts to prevent this disease are not merely for electoral gains but are aimed at securing a better future for the next generation, ensuring that they do not have to contend with this problem. We are deeply concerned about ensuring that no poor individual falls victim to malnutrition. Presently, over 12 lakh people in Nandurbar are receiving free ration. The Congress realizes it cannot match Modi in terms of development, which is why it has resorted to ‘Jhoot Ki Factory’ in the elections. It wants to garner votes by spreading lies and rumors about reservation and the constitution. But the condition of the Congress is akin to ‘Chor Machaye Shor.’ Providing reservation benefits based on religion goes against the fundamental values and principles enshrined in our Constitution. It contradicts the vision of Baba Ambedkar. The Congress party, under the guise of minority welfare, aims to divert reservation benefits from SCs, STs, and OBCs to favor a special community. These aren’t baseless claims; there are concrete examples to support this. It’s crucial to enlighten people about the deceitful agenda of the Congress. In Karnataka, the Congress reclassified Muslims as OBCs overnight, thereby reallocating OBC reservation benefits to them. Now, the same Congress aims to replicate this model with tribals and Dalits, intending to apply the Karnataka approach nationwide. “Yeh Maha Aghadi, Aarakshan Ke Mahabhakshan Ka Maha Abhiyan Chala Rahi hai.” At the same time, to save the reservation of SC-ST-OBC, “Modi Aarakshan Ke Maharakshan Ka Mahayagya Kar Raha Hai.” 

Shri Modi highlighted that he has been challenging the Congress for the past 17 days, demanding in writing that the Congress guarantees not to divert the reservation benefits of SCs, STs, and OBCs to a specific community. The hidden agenda of the Congress is to deprive people of their rights. The silence of the Congress on this challenge indicates that there is something fishy. No matter how hard the Congress tries, aligning with anti-national forces and spreading lies, people have Modi’s trust. People can rest assured that as long as Modi is alive, he won’t allow even a speck of reservation based on any religion within the SC, ST, and OBC categories. No one can tamper with it. I affirm with great responsibility and duty to the citizens of my nation that “Vanchit Ka Jo Adhikar hai, Modi Uska Chowkidar Hai.” When there’s a guardian like Modi, people can trust that their rights will be protected and no one would dare to take away what rightfully belongs to them.

Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that BJP worships Mata Shabri, but the Congress has never respected or given opportunities to the tribal community. The tribal revolutionaries made immense sacrifices in the fight for independence, yet Congress is unwilling to acknowledge these sacrifices. Congress has selfishly claimed all the credit for the struggle for independence for themselves and their families. The BJP is establishing museums across the country to honor tribals and freedom fighters so that future generations understand the immense sacrifices made by our tribal ancestors for the nation. It is well-known that the BJP and NDA have made a tribal daughter the President, which is a first in our nation’s history. However, it should be remembered that Congress worked tirelessly day and night to defeat tribal daughter Smt Draupadi Murmu in the presidential elections. It has come to light just a few days ago that the ‘Guru’ of Congress’ ‘Shehzade‘ resides in America. He has made ‘Rangbhedi‘ remarks about the people of India and levied serious accusations. Those whose complexion resembles that of Bhagwan Shri Krishna are considered Africans by Congress, which is why they did not wish for Smt Draupadi Murmu becoming President. The mindset of the Congress party is an insult to the tribal community.

Shri Modi stated that ‘Shehzade Ke Guru‘  has exposed the dangerous agenda of the Congress party. He has stated from America that the construction of the Ram Mandir and the celebration of Ram Navami are against the idea of India. The Congress party criticizes Modi’s visits to temples. For Congress, even Modi’s temple visits are Bharat Virodhi. Is my temple visit deshdroh and desh-virodhi? Congress is branding the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ram’s own country as anti-national. Congress, the people who indulge in government-sponsored Iftars, the people who beautify the graves of terrorists, are now labeling the visit to our Prabhu Shri Ram and Ram Mandir as anti-national. The attack and accusations by the INDI alliance are not just against Modi, but against the faith of 140 crore people of our nation. It’s an attack on the tribal communities of our country. The Congress party is conspiring to erase Hindu faith from the nation. Prabhu Shri Ram Jeevan Ke Uchchatam Aadarsh, Mahantam Gun aur Sundartam Mulya Ke Mahasangam Hain. The foundation of India’s existence lies in Prabhu Shri Ram, and the inspiration for India’s future is also derived from Prabhu Shri Ram

Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that a slogan was raised on the land of Maharashtra, “Vishwacha Vishram Re Swami Majha Ram Re,” meaning my Prabhu Ram has the trust, support, and refuge of the entire world, and the Congress party opposes such a Prabhu Ram as part of their idea of India. The teachings of Prabhu Shri Ram emphasize, “Parhit Saris Dharam Nahi Bhai, Parpeeda Sam Nahi Adhmai,” meaning there is no greater duty than serving and helping others, and causing pain to anyone is the greatest sin. However, these teachings are opposed by Shehzada, his guru, and the Congress party’s idea of India. Prabhu Shri Ram also states, “Komal Chit Tinh Par Daya, Man Vach Kram Bhakti Amaya,” meaning whoever understands the suffering of the helpless and miserable is my devotee. His teaching further asserts, “Dharma Na Dusar Satya, Samana, Aagam Nigam Puran Bakhana,” implying that there is no religion higher than truth, which is consistent across scriptures and traditions. It is indeed Prabhu Ram who embraces all the poor, distressed, and marginalized, and says, “Sahaj Saneh Bibas Raghurai, Poonchhi Kusal Nikat Baithayi.” When our Ram meets tribal communities, he says, “Purujan Kari Joharu Ghar Aaye,” meaning he respects and honors indigenous people and their culture by embracing them. Our Prabhu Shri Ram himself taught us, “Api Swarnmayi Lanka, Na Me Lakshman Rochate, Janani Janmbhumishch, Swargadapi Gariyasi,” meaning our motherland is greater than heaven itself, indicating that the nation comes first. Such Prabhu Ram is opposed by leaders of the Congress party against the idea of India.

Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that Congress leaders are filled with so much arrogance that they don’t care about the poor. When Congress is in power, they mistreat and neglect the poor, but today, a son of the poor, a servant of the people, is working as Prime Minister, and this royal family with an anti-poor mindset cannot tolerate it. They have once again shown how much they hate the poor by talking about harming Modi. On one hand, there is Congress, which says “Modi teri kabra khudegi,” and on the other hand, these fake Shiv Sena people talk about killing Modi. Despite abusing me, these people pay full attention to appeasement. Due to their behavior, Late Balasaheb Thackeray must be feeling saddened. Now the leaders of the fake Shiv Sena are seen campaigning alongside terrorists. They are also associating with those accused in the fodder scam in Bihar. Aligning with terrorists in Maharashtra is unacceptable. People need to contemplate on the implications of supporting individuals aligned with such accused figures. The fake Shiv Sena has lost the support and trust of the public. But they do not know that I have so much blessing of ‘Matri Shakti’, even if they want to, even in life or death, won’t be able to bury me in the ground. 

Shri Modi pointed out that a veteran leader of Maharashtra, with 40-50 years of political experience, believes that to sustain his political career beyond June 4, smaller political parties should merge with the Congress. This suggests that the fake NCP and fake Shiv Sena have already made their decision to merge with the Congress. On May 13, the public vote will be the answer to Congress and INDI-Aghadi. Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi urged the crowd to ensure a huge victory for the local Lok Sabha candidate and appealed to form the BJP government in the country.