Congress ‘Report Card’ is a ‘Report Card’ of scams: PM

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Ahead of the impending Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed powerful rallies in Anand, Surendranagar, Junagadh and Jamnagar in Gujarat. He added that his mission is a ‘Viksit Bharat’ and added, “24 x 7 for 2047 to enable a Viksit Bharat.”

Speaking on the robust development ushered by the BJP in 10 years compared to the 60 years of Congress, PM Modi said that our goal has been to enable the last-mile reach of development benefits to all. He said, “Congress provided water to only 16% of households in 60 years and we raised it to 75% in 10 years.” He said that we have provided various developmental benefits to the people of India.

Highlighting the situation of our neighbouring country, PM Modi said, “The country that exports terror is struggling to import ‘Atta’.” He added that this same country’s reign of terror was prominent during Congress times, but our government’s all-round development model has kept the country at bay. He said that Pakistan is experiencing its most considerable pain based on India’s growth and development. He added, “Congress’ deep partnership & collaboration with Pakistan has been exposed.”

Lamenting India’s enemies, PM Modi said, “India’s enemies hope for a weak government that existed before 2014.” He added that the enemies of India wanted a government that existed during India’s 26/11 terror attack. He said that the enemies of India wished for a corrupt government in India. He added that, unlike the above, India today is a bright spot in the global economy and a ‘Vishwamitra’. He said that India is ensuring the safety of all through the Tiranga today.

Exposing the Congress-led box of lies, PM Modi said, “Congress has emerged as a ‘Fake Factory’.”

“Congress is selling lies from its Mohabbat ki Dukaan”, he said. He added that Congress has resorted to lies while subscribing to the ideals of the ‘Muslim League’ in the Manifesto. He said that Congress has only made false promises for ‘Garibi Hatao’ and has not even solved the minor problems ordinary people face. He said that Congress has betrayed the trust of the people of India.

PM Modi elaborated on Congress-led vote-bank politics, “Congress has only indulged in ‘Minority vote-bank’ politics.” He added that their appeasement politics is making them give minorities a religion-based reservation at the cost of reservation meant for SC-ST-OBCs. He added, “Congress has been anti-OBC since the 1990s and even opposed the constitutional status to OBC Commission.” He added that BJP has always enabled ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’; hence, our Central Ministries constitute 60% of Ministers from the SC-ST-OBC communities.

PM Modi challenged the opposition and said, “I have three challenges for the Congress.” Addressing a rally in Anand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he has three challenges for the Congress: First, they must not indulge in religion-based reservations disregarding the Constitution. Second, they must not reduce the reservations meant for the SC-ST-OBCs. Third, they must not play the card of appeasement politics in any state of India.

Attacking the Congress-led dangerous trend, PM Modi said, “I.N.D.I alliance aims for ‘Vote Jihad’ in India.” He added that this is a dangerous tendency as, on the one hand, they wish to promote reservations to minorities at the cost of SC-ST-OBCs, and on the other hand, they wish to do a ‘Vote Jihad’.

Talking about the ‘Report Card’ of governance, PM Modi said, “Congress ‘Report Card’ is a ‘Report Card’ of scams.” He added that their record is a replete of scams be it 2G, CAG, Commonwealth and Chopper scam. He added that the BJP’s report record was synonymous with unprecedented development. He added that our report card has actually shown the reduction of poverty empowering all.

Criticizing Congress’ defeatist attitude, PM Modi said, “Congress’ in its frustration of loss has divided the Indian society.” He added that their appeasement-politics also makes them against century-old traditions. He said that the Congress even boycotted the Pran-Pratishtha of Shri Ram in Ayodhya. He added, “Congress aims to create a conflict between ‘Ram Bhakti & Shiv Bhakti’.” He said that the President of Congress party has tried to create conflicts between Shiv and Ram Bhakts, aiming to create unneccesary divisions in the country.

Reposing the government’s commitment to safeguarding the India Consitution, PM Modi said, “Surendranagar is a witness to Modi’s commitment towards the Constituion.” He added that as CM of Gujarat he also took out a Gaurav Yatra to celebrate 60 years of the Indian Constitution. He also said that it’s our government that has commemorated the 26th November as ‘Constitution Day’ and will celebrate its 75th anniversary grandly.

Addressing a rally in Junagadh and attacking the Congress’s intent of divisive politics, PM Modi said, “Congress opposes abrogation of Article 370 and CAA to enable divisive politics.” He added that Congress aims to divide India into North and South. He said that Congress aims to keep India insecure to play its power politics.

Developing the coastal ecosystem of Gujarat and India, PM Modi said, “We have always aimed to develop a robust coastal infrastructure in Gujarat.” He added that in keeping with the Coastal economy we have developed a huge harbor in Gujarat that will also enable trade and connectivity. This has also been coupled with better production and processing facilities for our fishermen, said PM Modi.

Addressing a rally in Jamnagar, PM Modi said “It’s owing to the efforts of Maharja Digvijay Singh of Jamnagar that India has great relations with Poland.” He added that Maharaja Digvijay Singh gave safe haven to Polish citizens fleeing the country owing to World War-2.

PM Modi further spoke of his close association with Jam Saheb’s entire family for decades. “I have been receiving special affection from Jam Saheb. The kings and emperors of our country had sacrificed their lives for generations to create a united India. This country can never forget his contribution,” he added.

Speaking on the unprecedented development of Jamnagar in the last decade, PM Modi said, “Jamnagar today hosts the WHO for Global Traditional Medicine and is the world’s largest refineries hub.” He added that the Sauni Yojana has played a pivotal role in enabling ‘Har Ghar Jal’ and ‘Har Khet ko Pani’ in the various areas of Jamnagar and the adjoining areas.

In conclusion, PM Modi thanked the people of Gujarat for a large turnout and expressed confidence that they would vote for a stable government and support its future development imperatives.