Despite being launched 20 times, Rahul Gandhi has not achieved success: Amit Shah

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Hon’ble Union Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation and Senior BJP leader Shri Amit Shah addressed a public meeting in Hukkeri, Karnataka on Friday. He criticized the Congress government for engaging in appeasement politics, emphasizing the contrast with the developmental initiatives spearheaded by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. During the event, Chikkodi Lok Sabha candidate Shri Annasaheb Shankar Jolle, Hukkeri MLA Shri Nikhil Katti and Chikkodi District President Shri Sathish Appajigol among other leaders were present. 

Shri Shah commenced his address by paying homage to Guru Santeshwar Mutt, Jagatmata Holamma Devi, Tai Bhuvneshwari Devi and Shivaji Maharaj. He highlighted Shivaji Maharaj’s significant contributions to establishing Hindvi Samaj and advocating for Swaraj. Karnataka has bestowed its resounding mandate on PM Shri Narendra Modi twice and in 10 years, the BJP has delivered on its promises. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi spearheaded the construction of the Ram Mandir despite a decade-long opposition from the Congress. He performed the Bhoomipujan and Pran Pratistha of the Ram Mandir. However, Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge chose not to attend, seemingly to avoid displeasing their vote bank. PM Shri Narendra Modi has not only focused on the Ram Mandir but also worked on various other development projects like the Kashi Vishwanath corridor, the redevelopment of Somnath Mandir with gold and the redevelopment of Kedar Dham and Badri Dham. The Congress’ indulgence in appeasement politics has hindered these development endeavors.

Union Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation emphasized that AICC President Mallikarjjun Kharge questions the connection of Kashmir with Rajasthan and Karnataka. He should understand that every child in Chikkodi is ready to sacrifice their life for Kashmir. For 70 years, the Congress party treated Article 370 like an ‘illegitimate child’. On August 5, 2019, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi abolished Article 370. Rahul Gandhi had claimed that rivers of blood would flow in Kashmir after the removal of Article 370, but five years have passed and not even a stone has been lifted. Shri Narendra Modi has ended terrorism in the country and banned PFI

Shri Shah highlighted that the Congress government in Karnataka has gained support from SDPI. Recent events, such as the bomb blast at a cafe in Bengaluru initially labeled as a cylinder blast, have raised concerns. Investigations by the NIA have indicated SDPI involvement. As Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi secures his third term, Karnataka’s safety will remain a top priority. In the recent Neha Hiremath case, Congress stated that it was a personal matter. If Congress cannot do justice, they should hand over the case to the CBI. 

Union Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation mentioned that Shri Annasaheb Shankar Jolle, a proactive figure in Chikkodi’s development, faced competition from a leader involved in illegal mining, extortion, and anti-Hindu remarks. Under BJP governance, farmers received ₹10,000 (with ₹6,000 from the center and ₹4,000 from the state), while Congress halted the ₹4,000 payout. Government bus numbers decreased, leading to water crises and power cuts, with Congress suggesting more cuts if not voted for. PM Shri Narendra Modi initiated irrigation schemes worth ₹13,000 crore in North Karnataka, allotted ₹1500 crore for National Highways expansion and ₹930 crore for railway expansion. In Chikkodi, over 11,000 houses have been builded, 3 lakh households received water connections and LPG cylinders. Over 2 lakh farmers benefited under the Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme and the fair price for sugarcane in 2024-25 was set at ₹340 per quintal.

Shri Shah stated that Rahul Gandhi and his company are incapable of ensuring the safety of the nation, while only PM Shri Narendra Modi possesses the capability to do so. During Sonia-Manmohan’s governance, bomb attacks purportedly occurred regularly across the nation, with little action taken to address them due to their Vote Bank. However, the response to attacks such as those in Uri and Pulwama was swift and decisive under PM Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership, with surgical and air strikes against Pakistan conducted within 10 days. Over the past decade, PM Shri Narendra Modi propelled India from being the 11th largest economy to the 5th largest globally. Now, it is Modi Ki Guarantee, to elevate India further to become the world’s 3rd largest economy upon securing another term in government. The launch of Chandrayaan-3 was successful under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership. During the G20 summit, world leaders together paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been honored with the highest civilian awards from 17 countries worldwide. On the other hand, Sonia Gandhi has been trying to launch Rahulyaan for nearly 20 times and has failed every time. Now he has run from Amethi and is contesting from Raebareli. BJP’s candidate Shri Dinesh Pratap Singh is set to defeat Rahul Gandhi from Raebareli. PM Shri Narendra Modi ensured free COVID-19 vaccine to 130 crore citizens. Rahul Gandhi tried to mislead the public terming the vaccine as ‘Modi Teeka’ however, when no one paid attention to him, he took the vaccine secretly.

Union Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation Shri Shah highlighted the contrasting records of the Congress party, accused of involvement in scams worth ₹12 lakh crore and PM Shri Narendra Modi, who has served the nation as both Chief Minister and Prime Minister for 23 years without facing any allegation. He also pointed out the difference in approach between Rahul Gandhi, who reportedly takes frequent foreign vacations and PM Shri Narendra Modi, who hasn’t taken a single leave in the past 23 years and prioritizes celebrating festivals with the country’s brave soldiers. Shri Shah appealed to the public to support Shri Annasaheb Shankar Jolle and expressed that every vote on the ‘Lotus’ symbol will strengthen PM Shri Narendra Modi and will make him Prime Minister for the third time.