DMK and Congress are the two sides of the same corrupt coin: PM

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Today, Salem, Tamil Nadu, gave a warm and affectionate welcome to PM Modi as he attended a public meeting in the state. The PM, taking pride in his recent visit, remarked in a heartfelt tone, “Over the past week, I had the pleasure of visiting Tamil Nadu several times. The entire country watched the public support that BJP was getting in Tamil Nadu.”

PM Modi recalled his recent visit to Coimbatore and said, “Yesterday I was among the people in Coimbatore. This blessing being received by BJP and Modi has given sleepless nights to the DMK government.”

The PM further added with confidence and reliability that, “Now Tamil Nadu has decided- Ab Ki Baar…..400 Paar” and “For Developed India – 400 Paar! For Developed Tamil Nadu – 400 Paar!”

PM Modi shared good news with the crowd, he said, “Tamil Nadu’s NDA is gaining momentum with PMK joining the party!” The PM congratulated Dr. Anbumani Ramados who will surely add his talent and experience towards the development of Tamil Nadu and take the state to greater heights.

Reminiscing the past, the PM went nostalgic among the crowd and mentioned his trip to Kailash Mansarovar in 1988 when he met Ratnavel, a vibrant Salem native who shared captivating tales about the city. However, the PM mourned his demise and said that he fondly recalls his warmth and hospitality and carries his legacy as he visits Salem presently.

Launching a scathing attack on the opposition’s remark on “Shakti”, the PM said, “The opposition is saying that they have to destroy the power in which they believe in the Hindu religion. Every person in Tamil Nadu knows what is called Shakti in the Hindu religion.”

Reiterating his stance on women’s power and respect, PM Modi strongly affirmed, “Shakti means women’s power in Hindu religion. The INDI Alliance of Congress and DMK are saying that they will destroy it. The INDI Alliance does not insult any other religion. It does not utter a single word against any other religion. However, when it comes to the Hindu religion, they don’t leave any chance to abuse and insult it.”

Expressing his utter discontent towards the opposition, PM Modi explicitly takes a dig and remarks, “The People of INDI Alliance persistently insult Hinduism with calculated remarks. While they refrain from disparaging other religions, they never hesitate to target Hinduism. Their opposition to the installation of the sacred Sengol in Parliament, a symbol of Tamil culture, is another deliberate insult. Despite its association with local monasteries, they disrespect it. This bias raises questions about their agenda and intentions.”

Reminding the crowd of PM Modi’s determination, the PM promised that, “Modi stands as a shield for women’s empowerment in our country. From providing smoke-free lives through Ujjwala LPG connections to launching the Ayushman scheme for free medical treatment, women are at the heart of these initiatives.” He also urged the countrymen to continue supporting and empowering women across India in all spheres and fields.

“Through Jal Jeevan Mission, Modi is engaged in providing clean drinking water to all the homes of Tamil Nadu. With this, my sisters in Tamil Nadu are getting relief from the trouble of fetching water.” The PM further added, “In the next 5 years, these facilities will reach my sisters of Tamil Nadu on an even larger scale, this is the Modi Ki Guarantee.”

PM Modi reminisced about the demeaning experience of Jayalalitha when DMK stooped to their lowest. “This is the real face of DMK. That is why, these people also oppose the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament. That is why crimes against women are increasing in Tamil Nadu,” the PM added.

Exposing the real faces of the opposition, PM Modi rebuked, “DMK and Congress are the two sides of the same corrupt coin, synonymous with big corruption and one-family rule. While Congress was on vacation, the nation progressed to 5G technology. However, DMK’s version of 5G in Tamil Nadu symbolizes the fifth generation of the same family ruling the state. This 5G family has tainted India and Tamil Nadu’s image worldwide with the infamous 2G scam.”

Sharing the development plans of NDA, PM Modi said, “The NDA government is building two defence corridors in the country. One of these is being built in Tamil Nadu. The BJP government is building seven mega textile parks across the country, one of which will be ready in Tamil Nadu.”

In his concluding remark, PM Modi shared his visionary frame towards Tamil Nadu and exclaimed, “The next five years are crucial for Tamil Nadu’s development and our battle against corruption.”

With profound admiration for the Tamil language, the PM emphasized its ancient heritage and stressed the importance of its global recognition. PM Modi pledged to personally undertake the mission of promoting the Tamil language worldwide, ensuring its presence in every corner of the globe.

The PM also mentioned that to connect with him in Tamil language, people can directly reach him through the NaMo handle in Tamil on the social media site X. They can share their feedback on the same.

Thanking the extravagant crowd surrounding him, the PM showered his gratitude and hoped that “On April 19th, Tamil Nadu must set a new record by ensuring victory for all BJP and NDA candidates.” The PM asked Tamil Nadu to “unite and make this happen for the betterment of their state.”