DMK and Congress will not guarantee women empowerment: PM Modi

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Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Dharapuram, Tamil Nadu on March 30.

Here are the key points of his speech:

  • India takes great pride in the culture of Tamil Nadu. One of the happiest moments of my life was when I got a chance to speak a few words in the oldest language in the world, Tamil, at the United Nations. Inspired by the ideals of MGR and Amma Jayalalithaa Ji, we want to empower the farmers, poor, youngsters and women of Tamil Nadu. We want to boost connectivity and create opportunities here.
  • A vote for NDA is a vote to solve long standing issues. A prime example is the way the decades old demand of the Devendra Kula Vellalar community was solved by our alliance. 
  • On one hand, NDA has our development agenda. On the other hand, the Congress and DMK have their own dynasty agenda. The speeches of their leaders have nothing positive to offer. They hardly talk about their own vision or work. All they do is demean others and spread lies.
  • These days Congress and DMK have launched their outdated 2-G missile. This 2-G missile has one clear target- the women of Tamil Nadu. A few days back, this Missile was launched by UPA with a clear order- to attack the Nari Shakti of Tamil Nadu. I am in a land whose proud sons and daughters never compromised on their ideals and fought against injustice. From here I want to tell Congress and DMK – please control your party leaders. I want to tell the Congress and DMK- the people of Tamil Nadu are noting everything. They will never tolerate insults to the women of the state.
  • Today, Congress and DMK have insulted the respected Mother of Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister. God forbid, if they come to power, they will insult many other women of Tamil Nadu. Sadly, to insult women is a part of the Congress-DMK culture. 
  • A few days back, one of the MLA candidates of DMK Mister Dindigul Leoni made horrible remarks on women. DMK has done nothing to stop him. The young crown prince of DMK, who has sidelined many senior DMK leaders, he too made horrible remarks. DMK has done nothing to stop him.
  • Never forget 25th March 1989. In the Assembly of Tamil Nadu, how did DMK leaders treat Amma Jayalalithaa Ji? DMK and Congress will not guarantee women empowerment. In their rule, crimes against women are up. 
  • We in the NDA are inspired by the thoughts and ideals of the great Andal and Avvaiyar. We believe that the progress of society is not complete without empowerment of women. That is why, all our schemes are aimed at strengthening our Nari Shakti.
  • I want to appreciate the people of the Kongu region for their spirit of enterprise. People from this part of the state have always created wealth and value for the nation. Through last year, the small, medium and big business of this region went out of their way to help others. I am here to assure you all that my Government and me personally are committed to doing everything possible to help business and enterprise grow here.
  • The Government of India has brought in many reforms in the last year. A PLI- Production Linked Incentive scheme was introduced last December. The coming of a Defence Corridor in Tamil Nadu will bring many benefits for the people of this state.
  • The corrupt eyes of the Congress and DMK will never let businesses grow. Like they had done in the past, their local strongmen will be busy in money collection drives.
  • NDA’s priority is the welfare of the small farmer. Our Government has initiated reforms that will free the small farmers from the pressures of middlemen. Measures such as Soil Health Card, Kisan Credit Cards, e-NAM scheme are aimed at empowering farmers.
  • Guided by the Mantra of Per Drop, More Crop, we are helping farmers transform their cultivation methods. Old irrigation structures are being repaired. New ones are being built. The Govt of India has launched Jal Jeevan Mission. The aim is to provide water to all households.