Enough is enough, the people are telling UDF and LDF: PM Modi

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Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji addressed a public rally in Pathanamthitta, Kerala on April 02, here are the key points of his speech:

  • There are times in the history of societies when the people speak in one voice against tyranny, mis-governance and oppression. These are special epoch-making moments in which the people convey a very clear message to those in power. Under leadership of Loknayak Jay Prakash Narayan, we saw a glimpse of this during the anti-Emergency movement in the 1970’s People from different ideologies united to uproot dictatorship. People united to protect our Constitution. I’m seeing a similar spirit in Kerala today. 
  • Enough is enough, the people are telling UDF and LDF. The people of Kerala are seeing the development agenda of the BJP and NDA. They relate with our programmes and policies. Kerala is seeing how the professional community is blessing BJP. They are seeing that BJP stands for bringing progressive and educated people into politics. The active presence of a respected professional like Metro Man Sreedharan has been a game-changer in Kerala politics. 
  • You all have heard of the seven deadly sins. UDF and LDF have committed their own seven deadly sins in Kerala. The first sin is false pride and arrogance. UDF and LDF feel they can never be defeated. This has made their leader very arrogant. They become disconnected from the roots. 
  • The second sin is greed for money. Solar scam, dollar scam, gold scam, land scam, bar bribery scam, excise scam…the list is endless. Both alliances have looted from every sector. 
  • The third sin is wrath towards people. I fail to understand which government will shower Lathis on innocent devotees? Which Government will repeatedly attack its own citizens?
  • The Fourth sin is envy or jealousy. UDF and LDF are jealous of each other. They want to beat the other in committing all wrongs. They also suffer from competitive corruption. They are jealous if the other alliance even makes a paisa more than the other. 
  • The fifth sin is lust for power. This makes them form alliances with communal, criminal and regressive elements of society. What was the stand of the Muslim League on Triple Talaq? What are the social policies of the SDPI and PFI? 
  • The sixth sin is promoting dynasty politics. In both alliances there is a craze to further dynasty rule. Everything else is a side-issue. We have also seen how children of big leaders are behaving. The case of the son of a top LDF leader is well known. I do not need to elaborate more on it because his antics are common knowledge. 
  • The seventh sin is laziness in working. When making money, promoting dynasties and doing vote bank politics is the priority, governance naturally takes a back-seat. UDF and LDF have brought a governance paralysis in Kerala. 
  • We in NDA are coming to you with a forward looking development agenda that puts Kerala on the ‘FAST’ route to progress. My vision for FAST includes: ‘F’ for Fisheries & Fertilisers, ‘A’ for Agriculture & Ayurveda, ‘S’ for Skill development & social empowerment and ‘T’ for Tourism & technology. 
  • The warm hearted nature of Kerala has drawn people from all over the world to this state. Tourists came but there was no vision from the government to support tourism. NDA’s track record in the tourism sector shows our alliance alone can help this sector grow. 
  • Access to drinking water is a problem in Kerala. When the NDA Government began the Jal Jeevan Mission, only 25% of Kerala’s households had tap water supply. Since the mission began, almost 20% of households all over the nation got access to tap water connections. I am sad to share that in Kerala that number is 4.5%. The reason for the slow progress is the poor attitude of the state government. 
  • Being here in this holy land blessed by Swami Ayyappa is special. Millions of devotees come here after observing a strict 41-day ‘vratham.’ Their discipline and devotion make this land even holier. I bow down to Swami Ayyappa as well as to such devotees of Swami Ayyappa.
  • From Swami Ayappa we learn the importance of doing good to others and being compassionate. But, what has the LDF done? First, they try to distort the picture of Kerala and try to show Kerala culture as backward. Then, they try to destabilise sacred places by using their agents to carry out mischief. The devotees of Swami Ayyappa who should have been welcomed with flowers, were welcomed with lathis. I want to state clearly: The innocent devotees of Swami Ayyappa are not criminals. 
  • For decades, the Left cabal has done everything to portray Indian culture in poor light. Their lies won’t go on any more. An imported and internationally rejected ideology will no longer be allowed to trample over the culture of our land. This is why Babasaheb Ambedkar questioned if Communism and free democracy can ever coexist. He said that Communism is like a forest fire that will burn and consume everything. 
  • Our vision is inclusive. Our work is extensive. We will further Kerala’s progress and protect Kerala’s culture. I urge you all to vote for NDA in large numbers.