By giving the biggest mandate in the history, the people of Gujarat have created a new history: PM

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) karyakartas at the party headquarters in New Delhi today after the party’s landslide victory in the general assembly elections and by-poll elections. PM Modi thanked the people and the BJP Karyakartas for their wholehearted support and said that the vote share is a clear indication of the days to come.

Talking about the Himachal Pradesh general assembly elections, PM Modi said that BJP has trailed behind by a just 1% vote share, which is something that has been unheard of. PM Modi further said that BJP, despite trailing behind by 1%, will remain 100% committed to the development of the state.

PM Modi iterated on the BJP gaining the confidence of the people because of its policies, He said, “People voted for the BJP because the BJP can take tough decisions in the interest of the country. The increasing public support of the BJP shows that the country is in anger against familyism and corruption”.

Talking about the BJP’s humongous victory in the state of Gujarat, PM Modi said, “By giving the biggest mandate in the history of Gujarat to the BJP, the people of Gujarat have created a new history”. He further said that about 1 crore voters of Gujarat had not experienced the misrule during the Congress regime and gave their vote to the BJP only on the basis of the development they saw in the state.

The Prime Minister talked about how the BJP is emerging as the top choice for the people of the country. PM Modi said, “The results of Gujarat have proved how strong is the desire of the common man for a developed India. When there is a challenge before the country, the people of the country have faith in the BJP. When there is a crisis in the country, the people of the country have faith in the BJP… Even when the aspirations of the country are at their peak, the people of the country have faith only on the BJP to fulfil them”.

Hitting out at the opposition, PM Modi called out the political parties that are promising false benefits for the sake of elections. PM Modi further added, “India’s future will become bright not by increasing Fault Lines, but by demolishing Fault Lines”. PM Modi also called for increased unity in the nation and to further the spirit of “India First”.

PM Modi finally addressed the people about why women of the country trust the BJP. PM Modi said, “For the first time since independence, today there is such a government in the country, which is working by understanding the problems of women, their challenges, their needs and aspirations”.