Hon’ble President’s address to the first joint session in the new decade is historic: JP Nadda

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The address of Honourable President in the joint session of Parliament in the New Year and at the beginning of the decade is historic. Despite facing serious threat to humankind due to global pandemic of Corona, our country under the leadership of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji ji did not stop and kept moving ahead facing all challenges. The President congratulated the Central Government for its sustained and concerted efforts and thanked entire nation for its support and cooperation.

Under the leadership of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji the Central Government successfully tackled the global pandemic by keeping 130 crore citizens together. The Government also took courageous decisions to ensure safety and security of entire nation, announced major initiatives to strengthen the economy and kick-started social welfare schemes to help the needy and weaker sections of the society. The entire nation is lauding the Government for taking effective decisions and timely actions.

The Honorable President in his speech in Parliament mentioned the work done by the  Government led by Honourable Narendra Modi ji for wellbeing and welfare of farmers, labourers and the youths, for the honour and dignity of women, for medical and healthcare of the masses, and for making Atmanirbhar Bharat, a strong and resilient India.

By turning adversity into opportunity, the Honorable Prime Minister gave the mantra of ‘Vocal for Local’ to make Atmanirbhar Bharat. As a result India not only conquered Corona but was also able to give boost to economy and also showed the way to deal with the pandemic effectively.

Today India is playing a decisive role in the global arena and has become a role model for the other countries to follow. During Corona pandemic India helped many nations by providing them medical aid and is now providing vaccines. India has undertaken world’s biggest vaccination drive and is providing vaccines across the world with the goal to save the mankind.

Under the leadership of Honourable Prime Minister many complex issues which have been pending for decades have now been resolved, be it the issue of abolishing of Section 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, construction of Ram Temple, Bodo Peace Accord, or Bru Ringyan Issue. In the Northeast terrorism is breathing its last. The misguided youths are now returning to national mainstream and are longing to contribute towards nation’s growth and development.

The Honourable President’s today’s address is a historic document which highlights changing India, showcases a strong and fast growing India. India is moving fast ahead under the strong and dynamic leadership of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. All Indians whether they are residing here or living abroad are experiencing a new era of development and progress.