INDI Alliance called people hypocrites, who worshiped Shri Ram’s Surya Tilak: PM

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Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi addressed a dynamic rally in Damoh, MP. He said that voting is our duty and that all must vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Regarding the importance of the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi said, “India needs a government that can navigate it through times of war.” He added that the people must vote for a strong government that can secure the future of India. He said, “During the COVID pandemic, our government ensured the well-being of all & worked with the spirit of ‘Nation First’.” He said that only a strong government can ensure the same. He said, “Amidst global uncertainty, even our neighbouring country, the supplier of terror, is struggling for basic necessities, but India is on the path of great progress.” He said that all this has been possible owing to the decisive vote of the people.

Highlighting how Congress weakened India’s defence sector, PM Modi said, “For decades, Congress weakened India’s defence sector.” He added that the Congress stalled various defence deals including the Rafale and Tejas fighter. He said, “Congress was against the Atmanirbharta of India in the defence sector.” He said “India’s defence exports today are worth Rs. 21,000 crores and that India will soon export BrahMos missile to other countries.”

Elaborating on Modi’s guarantee, PM Modi said “Modi guarantees to enable the last-mile reach of development of all & Modi’s guarantee is the fulfilment of all guarantees.” He said, “Har Ghar Jal’ & ‘Har Khet ko Pani’ is Modi’s priority.” He said, “The Pancham Nagar Yojana aims to provide Har Ghar Jal’ & ‘Har Khet ko Pani’.” He added, “The Mudra Yojana has benefitted the deprived sections such as the Dalits, Poor and the Janjatiyas in easily availing of loans.

Showcasing the brave Nari Shakti of MP and India, PM Modi said, “Rani Damyanti is the brave symbol of Damoh’s Nari Shakti.” He added that our model of governance has always prioritized Nari Shakti. He said that be it toilets, drinking water, or cooking gas, we have aimed to facilitate the empowerment of Nari Shakti. He added, “Unlike previous times, Nari Shakti today own houses, 10 crore are part of various S.H.G.s, and 1 crore have become Lakhpati Didis.”

Lamenting the I.N.D.I alliance, PM Modi said, “Modi’s guarantee has given sleepless nights to the I.N.D.I alliance.” He added, “Bundelkhand is the land of ‘Ram Rajya’ & Rashtrabhakti.” He said that despite this, the I.N.D.I alliance boycotted the Pran-Pratishtha of Shri Ram and compared ‘Sanatana’ with ‘Dengue & Malaria’. He added, “I.N.D.I alliance called all people worshipping Shri Ram’s Surya Tilak ‘Hypocrites’.”

In conclusion, PM Modi remarked that voting for the I.N.D.I alliance will not fetch anybody anything, while a vote for the BJP-NDA will enable the creation of a ‘Viksit Bharat’ and an India that will cater to the needs of all sections in the future. He also thanked the people of Damoh for their overwhelming support and expressed his confidence in their support of the BJP-NDA for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.