India brings back over 28,000 stranded nationals from 30 countries

India has brought back over 28,500 nationals stranded in over 30 countries during the first two phases of a massive and complex repatriation process. While MEA is the lead ministry handling the ‘Vande Bharat’ and ‘Samudra Setu’ missions, officials said it involves close coordination with a whole bunch of other ministries.

  • The breakup of the people returning went something like this — 4921 students, 3969 professionals, 5936 workers, 3254 tourists, 3588 visitors, 610 deportees, 429 who were granted amnesty in different countries, 551 crew as well as 5272 from different categories, altogether 28,532 Indian nationals.
  • They have come back from 30 different countries — including UAE with the maximum number at 4,243, followed by the UK at 3,186, and the US at 2,678 making the top countries.
  • In addition, Navy Vessels brought back 1,488 Indians, while other countries’ aircraft, coming to India to pick up their own citizens brought back 910 people.