India’s efforts on health front are not limited to its boundaries: PM Modi

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Prime Minister spoke at the United  Nations General Assembly High Level Meeting on Health Coverage. The meeting titled, ‘Universal Health Coverage: Moving Together to Build a Healthier World’, brought together heads of state, political and health leaders, policy-makers and universal health coverage champions to advocate the health for all. It is aimed at garnering financial and political commitments from countries and sustain health investments.

Shri Modi highlighted the bold steps taken by India to achieve universal health coverage. He said that health does not simply mean freedom from diseases. He said a healthy life is every person’s right and the onus for this is on government to ensure this.

Shri Modi said, India has taken a holistic approach towards this subject and is working on four main pillars of health care, preventive health care, affordable health care, improvements on the supply side and implementation in mission mode. He said, to ensure affordable health care, India has rolled out the world’s largest health insurance scheme Ayushman Bharat. Under this scheme, 500 million poor have been given the facility of free treatment worth up to five lakh rupees annually.

Shri Modi said, India’s efforts are not limited to its boundaries. India has helped to provide access to affordable health care including by way of tele-medicine to several other countries, especially to African nations.