The land of Balaghat is a witness to the might of India’s women power: PM

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced a public rally held in Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh. The PM showered his love and blessings upon the crowd and discussed various key issues related to the development of Madhya Pradesh. He pledged to work for the tribal community, the women and for the nation as a whole.

Commencing his address, PM Modi extended his heartfelt greetings of Navratri to the people of Balaghat and remarked, “The land of Balaghat is a witness to the might of India’s women power.”

“For decades post-independence, Congress clung to outdated notions, viewing India through the lens of poverty. Their focus on infrastructure was limited to a few major cities where their leaders resided, neglecting others,” the PM shared in discontentment. He also put forward the BJP’s notion in contrast and said, “The BJP, guided by the principle of inclusive development, prioritizes every corner of the nation. Our government channels substantial funds into modern infrastructure projects across cities and villages, exemplifying our commitment to progress for all.”

PM Modi shared glimpses of his vision for Madhya Pradesh, stating, “The BJP government is revitalizing MP, completing projects like the Balaghat to Gondia broad gauge railway line, initiated three decades ago. We aim to grant Waraseoni handloom sarees of Balaghat the prestigious ‘GI tag’, elevating them like Banarasi sarees. This is Modi Ki Guarantee of a developed India from a developed Madhya Pradesh, a result of a decade of tireless effort.” The PM reinstated that “this is just a trailer; a lot is yet to be accomplished as we propel the nation forward.”

PM Modi in his optimistic address reiterated that, “Modi isn’t here for leisure; his ambitions are vast. Like lighting sparklers before launching a rocket on Diwali, the ongoing development is just a glimpse. India is yet to celebrate its true potential, its real Diwali. And it’s for this purpose that I seek your blessings.”

The PM expressed his deep disregard towards the opposition and said, “When BJP nominated the first female tribal President, Congress vehemently opposed her, disregarding tribal heritage. They neglected revolutionaries like Govind Guru, denying them the status of freedom fighters. Congress seeks to credit independence to its royal family, ignoring tribal contributions. It’s our government that rightfully honored Govind Guru as a freedom fighter.”

With sheer confidence and honesty, PM Modi stated, “From the heartland of MP, Modi, a devotee of Mahakaal, bows only to the public or the divine. He’s learned from Mahakaal to endure insults for the nation’s service and to quash anti-national forces fearlessly. Modi remains unfazed by their provocations.”

Indicating INDI Alliance’s irritation towards Modi’s plans and endeavours, the PM remarked, “Modi ensures the country’s security, yet faces their abuse. When Article 370 is removed, they echo Pakistan’s rhetoric. Modi pledges welfare for the poor and dignity for women, only to be ridiculed. Even as Ram Lalla is revered in Balaghat, they insult Modi. It seems they find meaning only in vilifying Modi. The INDI Alliance enters this election with a vow to undermine Sanatan Dharma.”

PM Modi gave a ray of hope to the audience and promised that he would work towards rooting out corruption in the country and with people’s support he will make historic strides in the next 5 years. He hoped for a brighter tomorrow with the success of the entire nation.

In his concluding address, the PM appealed to the crowd to show up with assurance and hope on April 19 and vote for the BJP candidates to strengthen Modi and his foresight. The PM also thanked each attendee, encouraging them to convey his appreciation to others.