The I.N.D.I alliance have disregarded the culture as well as the development of India: PM

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Udhampur showered unparalleled affection on PM Modi as he addressed a public rally in JandK ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. He said, “After several decades, it is the first time that terrorism, bandhs, stone pelting, and border skirmishes are not the issues for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the state of J&K.” He said, “Before 2014 even the Amarnath and Vaishno Devi Yatra was ridden with problems but post-2014, J&K has seen only increasing confidence and development.” He said that owing to the same, there is a great sentiment for a strong government and hence ‘Fir ek Baar Modi Sarkar.’

Speaking on the development of Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi reiterated, “In the last 60 years, JandK saw constant underdevelopment, but in the last ten years, it has seen unprecedented development with the last-mile reach of developmental benefits to all.” He added, “For a Viksit Bharat, a Viksit Jammu and Kashmir is imminent.” Lamenting the dynastic parties like PDP, NC and Congress, PM Modi said, “The NC, PDP and the Congress parties are dynastic parties who do not wish for the holistic development of JandK.”

Elaborating on the historic abrogation of Article 370, PM Modi said, “The abrogation of Article 370 was a big and bold decision by our government that has opened the doors for the holistic development of Jammu and Kashmir.” He added, “Abrogation of Article 370 has enabled equal constitutional rights for all, record increase in tourism and establishment of IIM and IIT for quality educational prospects in the state.” PM Modi highlighted the importance of development for a state like J&K, saying, “Our government has aimed to eliminate corruption and foster the development of J&K.” He added that we aim to ensure record investments for Jammu and Kashmir.

Taking a dig at the opposition I.N.D.I alliance, PM Modi said, “The I.N.D.I alliance have disregarded the culture as well as the development of India, and a direct example of this is the opposition and boycott of the Pran-Pratishtha of Shri Ram.” He added, “The I.N.D.I alliance has cited the Pran-Pratishtha of Shri Ram as an issue for elections but they forget that this movement has been ongoing for over 500 years.” He remarked, “In the advent of continuing their politics of appeasement, the leaders of I.N.D.I alliance lived in big bungalows but forced Ram Lalla to live in a tent.”

Lamenting the I.N.D.I alliance appeasement politics, PM Modi said, “I.N.D.I alliance only indulges in appeasement politics disregarding India’s culture.” He added that the leaders of the I.N.D.I alliance have posted on social media eating Non-Veg especially during the holy month of Navratri. He added that such acts show that the I.N.D.I alliance does not care for the sentiments and values of the Indian people and simply indulge in divisive politics.

In conclusion, PM Modi said, “To enable robust development of J&K, we must collectively ensure that the dynastic parties are thoroughly defeated in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He thanked the people of Udhampur for turning out in large numbers and expressed his confidence in the voters to ensure the BJP emerges victorious in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.