Now we are working to create 3 crore Lakhpati Didis in the country: PM

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A massive crowd in Karauli, Rajasthan celebrated the much-awaited arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections in 2024. PM Modi showered his love and admiration to each one of them and indulged in a hearty conversation to discuss about the future of Rajasthan and its glory.

Initiating his speech the PM praised the land of Karauli and affirmed that “This land of Karauli-Dholpur is the land of devotion and power.” The PM thanked the mothers and sisters who have graced the event with their presence and called them the epitome of Shakti. The PM also observed looking at the energy that, “What will be the result on 4th June is clearly visible in Karauli today. Karauli is telling- 4th June…, 400 Paar! The whole of Rajasthan is echoing – Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!”

The PM went on to say, “In the past decade, BJP tackled challenges Congress had overlooked. While Congress long promised to end poverty, Modi actually lifted 25 crore people out of it.”

Empathising with the farmers and their families, PM Modi made the audience aware that “For the first time, any government has shown so much concern for livestock. In Karauli, the Modi government has administered more than 1.5 lakh vaccinations against foot-and-mouth disease to the livestock of more than 80,000 farmers.” “We have started the National Mission for Oil Seeds, Karauli-Dholpur will play a big role in this also,” the PM added.

Taking a firm stand for women empowerment, PM Modi reflected that, “Now we are working to create 3 crore Lakhpati Didis in the country! Shouldn’t these works have been done earlier in the country? The lives of so many generations of Dalits, tribals and women were spent in suffering due to the neglect of Congress.”

The PM also expressed his discontentment against the opposition’s agenda and remarked, “The Central Government started Jal Jeevan Mission to provide water to every household. Congress committed corruption in that also.”

Elaborating on one among various blunders committed by the opposition, PM Modi shared, “The mistake that Congress committed was to earn money, BJP fulfilled it by considering it as a work of service, responsibility and accountability. In the coming time, water will reach every household in Rajasthan, this is the Modi Ki Guarantee.”

Conveying his vision and life goals, PM Modi shared with the audience, “You have seen my life closely, as you all know, Modi is not born to rest. Modi works hard because his goals are big. Goals that are related to you, related to the country. Such goals which are related to your children and the youth of the country.”

“Today, not only in Rajasthan, action is being taken against the corrupt but also in the entire country. That is why the people of the INDI Alliance are uniting against Modi. I say- remove corruption. They say – save the corrupt,” PM Modi exposed the plight of the opposition’s unfruitful attempts.

The PM also expressed his deep disregard for the opposition and mentioned, “The Rajasthan which Dholpur sent stones for the grand Ram Mandir being built in Ayodhya after a wait of 500 years, what kind of language are the leaders of the Congress party speaking at the same Ram temple?” The PM clearly hinted at the opposition’s intentions to destroy the pious and pure Sanatani Dharma.

Launching his sharp attack on the opposition, PM Modi discussed that, “They go to foreign lands and sing the song of Kashmir. But when I talk about Kashmir in Rajasthan then they ask, if Article 370 is removed from Kashmir, then what is the relevance of Rajasthan?” PM Modi said that he replied to them with courage, “If you want to know what is Rajasthan’s relation with Kashmir, then go to the homes of the brave martyrs of Rajasthan and ask!”

Exposing the malaise in Congress’ thoughts and action, PM Modi said, “Congress shamelessly gave away India’s Katchatheevu Island to Sri Lanka. They justify this by saying no one lives there, revealing their disregard for national territory.”

PM Modi envisioned transformative projects like a bridge over the Chambal river, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, and the broad gauge railway line from Dholpur to Sarmathura. These initiatives have redefined development in the region, reflecting BJP’s commitment to progress.

In his closing remarks, the PM urged every voter in Rajasthan to support BJP candidates to sustain the momentum of growth and development. He extended heartfelt greetings to all, encouraging them to share his good wishes door-to-door.