The overwhelming support for BJP shows that the people of Odisha are fed up with BJD’s poor governance: PM

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Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji addressed public meetings in Kandhamal, Bolangir and Bargarh, Odisha on Saturday and condemned the BJD government for its neglect of the people of Odisha, while also denouncing the Congress for their efforts to undermine the reservation rights of SC, ST, and OBC communities. During rallies, Union Minister and Sambalpur candidate Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Kandhamal Lok Sabha candidate Shri Sukanta Kumar Panigrahi, Bolangir Lok Sabha candidate Smt Sangeeta Kumari Singh Deo were present on the stage.  

Hon’ble Prime Minister commenced his address by seeking the blessings of Bhagwan Jagannath, Maa Paatkhanda, and Narayani Mandir. He remarked on the evident enthusiasm among the crowd, signifying the forthcoming change in both the country and the state in the upcoming elections. Voting occurred in three phases in various parts of the country. Today, with a profound sense of responsibility and confidence, buoyed by the blessings of the public, I can confidently predict that the NDA will surpass 400 seats on June 4th. The countdown of BJD has started and the people of Odisha are chanting, ‘Odisha Mein Pehli Baar, Double-engine Sarkar’. He expressed his gratitude for the chance to meet native poet Purnamasi Jani, who pens poetry in the local tribal language and acknowledged the honor of bestowing her with the Padma Award. Reflecting on the immense support received during the recent roadshow in Bhubaneswar, where thousands gathered to offer their blessings, PM Modi recognized this overwhelming support as a debt owed to the people. He pledged to repay this debt through dedicated service to the nation.

Shri Modi highlighted the significance of the day, marking 26 years since former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee conducted a nuclear test in Pokhran. This historic event demonstrated that a government driven by patriotism can effectively meet the expectations of its people while ensuring national security. The nuclear test filled Indians worldwide with pride and showcased India’s potential on the global stage. Contrastingly, Congress attempts to undermine the nation by spreading fear and suggesting India should be wary of Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities. However, those who speak of Pakistan fail to recognize its weakened state, lacking the capacity to handle its nuclear bomb and even resorting to potential sales. Due to Congress’ weak stance, Jammu & Kashmir has endured terrorism for six decades. Under Congress rule, India faced frequent terrorist attacks, with the government opting for dialogue instead of decisive action. Even after the 26/11 attacks, the Congress government hesitated to take action against terrorists, fearing backlash from their vote bank.

Hon’ble Prime Minister emphasized that Congress’s ‘Shehzade’ continues to repeat the same statements in every rally, reminiscent of the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The public has resolved to vote for NDA and ensure a resounding victory of ‘400 Paar’ seats. BJP is poised to surpass all previous records. While traditionally, an opposition party needs to secure 10% of Lok Sabha seats, the country has decided that Congress won’t even hold the status of the ‘official opposition’ this time, likely to secure fewer than 50 seats, a number lower than the age of the Congress ‘Shehzada’. This election holds immense significance for the people of Odisha. Every vote counts towards building a Viksit Bharat and Viksit Odisha. Each vote from the people of Odisha will contribute to the ‘double-engine’ government in the state. The public must ensure the victory of BJP candidates on all 21 Lok Sabha seats.

Shri Modi proclaimed that BJP is propelling the nation forward with the mantra of ‘Vikas Bhi Virasat Bhi.’ The BJP government fulfilled the nation’s 500-year wait by constructing the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, where Ram Lalla now blesses the entire country. With the blessings of Bhawan Jagannath and Ram Lalla, we’re experiencing profound spiritual and cultural significance. The state BJP is committed to preserving Odia language and culture. Anyone rooted in Odisha’s soil and understanding its culture is assured of becoming the BJP’s Odisha Chief Minister. June 4th marked the expiry date of the BJD government. On 10th June, the BJP CM will take oath in Bhubaneswar. We will give you a CM who was born in Odisha, and who knows and values the tradition of this land. I extend an invitation to the oath-taking ceremony of BJP’s Chief Minister on 10th June in Bhubaneswar. 

Hon’ble Prime Minister highlighted Odisha’s special connection with Akshaya Tritiya, particularly in the construction of Rath for the Bhagwan Jagannath Rath Yatra. Seven decades ago, rules were established for the management of Shri Jagannath Temple, including the maintenance of records for gold, silver, precious stones, and all assets of the temple. A comprehensive list of valuables stored in Shri Ratna Bhandar was compiled, with the last evaluation conducted approximately 45 years ago. The sheer abundance of jewelry and gems recorded during that evaluation was so vast that those responsible for documenting them had no choice but to deem the collection as priceless. There’s no life without Bhagwan Jagannath. “Jagannath Hai Toh Jeevan Hai”. Officially, Shri Ratna Bhandar has remained closed for nearly 40 years. However, the keys to its ‘Garbh Grah’ have been missing for the past six years, under the watch of the BJD government. The failure to safeguard such invaluable treasures reflects poorly on the government’s accountability. It is the people’s right to be informed about this concerning situation. The state government claims to have found duplicate keys for the Shri Ratna Bhandar, but the circumstances surrounding their creation, who authorized them, and whether they were ever utilized remain shrouded in mystery. Despite assigning a commission to probe the matter, the Odisha government has yet to disclose the findings of the investigation to the public. The Bharatiya Janata Party is vigorously raising this issue with utmost dedication. Why is the BJD government evading this matter? What compels them to do so? Whom are they trying to shield? I assure the people of Odisha and the entire nation that under a BJP government in the state, transparency and prestige will be restored to Shri Ratna Bhandar. This is ‘Modi Ki Guarantee.’

Shri Modi emphasized the BJP’s commitment to the development of Odisha, citing poverty as the biggest hurdle. He underscored his personal dedication to upliftment, having emerged from humble beginnings himself. Modi highlighted the government’s efforts in poverty alleviation, with nearly 25 crore people lifted above the poverty line in the past decade. He assured ongoing efforts until every Indian escapes poverty. The Centre’s initiatives include providing pucca houses, toilets, water connection, LPG cylinders and free ration for the poor, with Adivasis in Odisha among the major beneficiaries. Modi announced the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli scheme, offering financial assistance for installing solar panels to generate electricity. This initiative aims to empower citizens economically by reducing electricity bills and allowing surplus energy sales to the government. 

Hon’ble Prime Minister lamented the Odisha government’s obstruction of the Ayushman Bharat scheme, denying citizens access to free healthcare. Despite five years of persuasion, the state hasn’t implemented the scheme. He pledged that once the BJP forms the government, free health coverage up to ₹5 lakh will be ensured in Odisha. Criticizing the state’s insensitivity towards public healthcare, Modi suggested it’s unfit to govern.

Shri Modi highlighted the tourism potential of Odisha, particularly mentioning the Daringbadi region known as the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’, and pledged the BJP’s support for the sector’s development in the state. Additionally, he announced the provision of ₹20 lakh loans under the Mudra Yojana to youth for starting businesses or startups, demonstrating the party’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship. The BJP also announced plans to establish a ‘Masala Park’ in Kandhamal, known for its famous turmeric. Despite the state government’s inaction, the BJP obtained a GI tag for turmeric and formed the National Turmeric Board to support farmers. Many of our people here are engaged in textile work, and our weavers are the craftsmen behind the renowned “Made in India” tag. Sambalpuri sarees, in particular, have gained worldwide fame. We are placing special emphasis on the handloom and textile sector to further support these artisans and preserve our rich cultural heritage. He underscored the party’s efforts for the upliftment of various communities, including the Vishwakarma community, for which the PM Vishwakarma Yojana was initiated with an allocation of ₹13,000 crore. 

Hon’ble Prime Minister also mentioned the PM JANMAN Yojana, aimed at tribal community upliftment, on the suggestion of President Smt Droupadi Murmu. When Smt Draupadi Murmu, a tribal daughter and the President of the country, visited Ram Lalla, it was deeply disrespectful for a senior Congress leader to subsequently announce the purification of the Ram Mandir with Ganga Jal. Such actions insult not only the country and tribal society but also mothers and sisters. I believe that the deposits of all Congress seats involved in this insult to President Smr Draupadi Murmu should be confiscated, as they have committed a grave offense. Moreover, BJD and Congress had declared Kandhamal as a backward district. Modi decided to turn such Backward Districts into Aspirational Districts of the country. I monitor the work being done in these districts regularly. As a result, Kandhamal is experiencing rapid development. The BJP government has sanctioned several Eklavya schools, yet BJD leaders are allegedly seizing educational institutions and attempting to encroach upon tribal lands. Rest assured, upon the formation of a BJP government in Odisha, decisive action will be taken against such mafias. The state’s law and order situation has deteriorated significantly, with even ministers falling victim to brazen daylight murders. Drug mafias have wreaked havoc on our youth. Naveen Babu has been CM for a long time, yet the people of Odisha remain disheartened as he seems disconnected from their struggles. A leader who can’t even name the districts of Odisha won’t understand the people’s hardships. Give me just 5 years, and I will propel Odisha to the top spot. Having served as CM of Gujarat, I know Odisha’s immense potential with its abundant minerals, far surpassing Gujarat’s. A leader deeply connected to the state’s roots should lead Odisha to its rightful place as India’s number one state. 

Shri Modi highlighted Odisha’s rich cultural heritage, pledging to make it the country’s top state. He criticized Congress for exacerbating poverty and BJD for failing to address it. The BJP honored Gopinath Swain, Bhagabat Padhan, Binod Maharana and Binod Kumar Pasayt with Padma Awards for their contributions to Odia culture. At the G20 event, Odisha’s pride was showcased, with global leaders admiring the Konark Sun Mandir’s Wheel. Many now display images of the Wheel, symbolizing Odisha’s cultural richness. Additionally, the BJP honored the Paika Rebellion with a postal coin. Modi attributes his opportunity to serve the nation and elevate Odisha’s culture to the people’s vote. 

Hon’ble Prime Minister highlighted the contradiction in Odisha’s status as one of India’s richest states despite widespread poverty. He emphasized the importance of preserving Odia culture and identity, recognizing the challenges faced by the people of Odisha. Despite entrusting power to the BJD for nearly 25 years, the youth have been left with no opportunities while their leaders enjoy luxuries. However, I am assured that change is possible through the power of the people’s vote. By voting for the BJP in both the Assembly and Lok Sabha, the issues facing Odisha’s youth can be addressed, leading to a brighter future. You’re all aware of the failures of the BJD government in delivering developmental projects in Odisha. Who is really running the show in the BJD government? There’s a ‘Super CM’ within the BJD who hasn’t been elected by the people. The BJD has effectively delegated the role of CM to someone who lacks understanding of Odisha’s cultural values. In the span of 25 years, an entire generation comes of age, embarking on new beginnings. However, despite this passage of time, the BJD government has failed to uplift Odisha from poverty. Today, there is widespread discontent among the people of Odisha towards BJD leaders. 

Shri Modi highlighted the significant challenges faced by farmers in Odisha under the BJD government, including the denial of Minimum Support Price (MSP) and corruption in the paddy market. Despite the MSP being set at ₹2,200, farmers only receive ₹1500, leading to substantial losses. However, the Odisha BJP has promised to ensure that paddy farmers receive the MSP of ₹3,100, guaranteeing swift payment within 48 hours of procurement. This is the ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’.  Drawing from the success of similar guarantees in Chhattisgarh, the BJP is committed to delivering on its promises. Moreover, the BJD government’s mismanagement has stalled developmental projects and led to scams in irrigation schemes. The BJP pledges to prioritize irrigation and employment opportunities, contrasting with the current administration’s lack of focus on beneficiaries’ welfare. Previously, farmers faced challenges in obtaining urea, but under the Modi government, urea sacks that cost ₹3,000 globally are now being provided for less than ₹300. Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme, ₹400 crore has been deposited into farmers’ accounts in Bargarh. However, unfortunately, the BJP government seems to consistently betray the people despite these efforts. The BJP government is providing ₹2 lakh scholarships to children of weavers in textile institutes, which demonstrates their commitment to supporting the next generation of artisans and promoting education within the textile community.

Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that Congress’s purported intent to alter the Constitution by transferring reservation rights from SCs, STs, and OBCs to their vote bank is concerning. However, it’s important to remember that the guardian of the Indian Constitution is an Adivasi woman, and the Prime Minister himself hails from the OBC community. Rest assured, your rights are secure, and no one will take them away.

Shri Modi unveiled the Central government’s ambitious goal to uplift 10 crore women from Self Help Groups to the status of ‘Lakhpati Didi’. In Bolangir, over 2 lakh families have received essential amenities such as free housing, electricity, and water connections, despite the disruptions caused by the BJD government. Upon assuming power in the state, the BJP is committed to ensuring that every individual living in poverty benefits from these welfare schemes. Additionally, the BJP plans to introduce the Subhadra Yojana to empower women in the state further. Despite the government’s efforts to provide financial assistance of ₹6000 to pregnant women through the Poshan initiative, the BJD has obstructed the scheme’s implementation in the state.

Hon’ble Prime Minister emphasized that Congress has lost its relevance nationwide, and those seeking to dismantle the ineffective governance of BJD must cast their votes for the Lotus symbol. It’s imperative for the people to ensure the victory of BJP MPs and MLAs, aiming for the milestone of ‘400 Paar’ seats in the Lok Sabha elections and the formation of a BJP government in Odisha. It’s crucial for people to remember that—


Where there is Lotus, there is peace and development

Where there is Lotus, there is knowledge and science

Where there is Lotus, there is respect for every woman

Where there is Lotus, there is fulfillment of resolutions

Where there is Lotus, there is security, prosperity

Where there is Lotus, there is strength in self-reliance

Where there is Lotus, there is an inheritance filled with pride

Where there is Lotus, there is victory, belief

Where there is Lotus, there is dignity, self-respect

Where there is Lotus, India is on the path of progress