The people of Bengal know that Congress is a ‘sunken ship’, and that TMC’s ship has also suffered a big hole: PM

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Lok Sabha election 2024 campaigning gathers pace as PM Modi, the NDA’s star campaigner, intensifies efforts ahead of the 5th phase. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a euphoric crowd in Jhargram, West Bengal, delivering a message that resonated all the way to Tamluk. He promised to improve the state’s declining situation through his tireless efforts.

In his address to the people, PM Modi highlighted the desperation within the TMC as they faced inevitable defeat. The PM remarked “Despite their attempts to rally support, the people of Bengal are not swayed. Seeing their downfall, TMC resorts to abusing the BJP and threatening the public. Yesterday they attacked Congress, but today they claim to be part of the INDI Alliance. The people of Bengal are wise; they see Congress as a sinking ship and know TMC’s vessel is also leaking. Even if they cling to each other, they will still drown.”

PM Modi emphasized the country’s rejection of those who held India back for decades. He reminded the nation of the Congress government’s record of scams while the world advanced. “For 60 years, they chanted slogans of eradicating poverty, yet failed to deliver. The country knows it is Modi who made India the world’s fifth-largest economy, lifted 25 crore people out of poverty, and resolved long-standing issues. Article 370 was removed, terrorism buried in Kashmir, Pakistan given a fitting response, Naxalism broken, and corruption curbed. This son of the poor is dedicated to the welfare of every citizen,” he added.

Calling out loudly against the damaging anti-development policies of TMC, PM Modi remarked, “Government jobs are under the grip of TMC’s syndicate. There’s a rate card for jobs. Have you seen how they looted in the Teacher Recruitment Scam? I assure you… The end of this looting will come with the press of the lotus button.”

“In our schools, temples of education, they did not spare even those. TMC ministers openly sold jobs, jeopardizing the future of our new generation. Do you know who is protecting these scams? Who is shielding the accused of corruption? Who is preventing CBI from doing its job,” he added.

In a sharp critique of TMC, PM Modi said, ” TMC poses a threat not only to the people of Bengal but also to Bengal’s identity. Today, the entire country is concerned about Bengal. Every day there is violence in Bengal… BJP karyakartas are attacked. Even in Jhargram, BJP karyakartas were murdered. Communal riots are becoming common in Bengal. There are attempts to erase the identity of tribal brothers and sisters.”

PM Modi criticized the current government for welcoming infiltrators, stating, “TMC is concerned only about its vote bank. They are allowing infiltrators to settle in Bengal, leading to a decline in the population of Bengal’s border areas. These infiltrators come into our country and occupy the lands of our Dalits, backward classes, and tribals.”

Furthermore, he said, “TMC and Congress together want to legalize the occupation of infiltrators. The Congress party is saying they will investigate everyone’s property. Then they will give your money, your land to their vote bank. Do you accept this? Will you let this happen?”

Slamming the opposition, PM Modi stated, “Baba Saheb Ambedkar opposed religion-based reservations, a misconception of our Constitution. Despite this, the Congress-led alliance seeks to provide reservations to SC, ST, OBC across the country for electoral gains. They have revoked OBC reservations in Karnataka, reallocating them to Muslims. On April 23rd, I challenged Congress and the INDI alliance, demanding a commitment that they won’t revoke SC, ST, OBC reservations or grant reservations to Muslims. Since then, they have fallen silent out of fear.”

Unveiling the bitter truths, PM Modi exposed the grim realities of the Congress party, the PM said, “I have just seen a video of Congress Shehzada on social media today. In this video, the Congress Shehzada openly says that Congress will give reservations to Muslims. On one hand, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh kept saying repeatedly that Muslims have the first right to the country’s resources… and on the other hand, controlling the government remotely, the Shehzada is banging the rhythm to say that Congress will give reservations to Muslims. This is the truth of Congress, they will give reservations to Muslims and that too, by taking away reservations of SC, ST, OBC. In this 2024 election, Modi has removed the veil of Congress’s Muslim league thought and exposed it. That’s why these people are restless.”

PM Modi lashed out at the TMC, stating, “In Bengal, TMC is responsible for attacking your faith. TMC leaders deem the Ram Mandir unholy and the government halts Ram Navami celebrations. TMC goons orchestrate attacks on Ram Navami processions. The Chief Minister herself threatens Hindu saints. Ramakrishna Mission, ISKCON, Bharat Sevashram, pillars of Bengal’s spirituality, face threats from the CM’s platform. This intimidation emboldens TMC goons further. Recently, vandalism at Ramakrishna Mission ashram in Jalpaiguri highlights the escalating situation. Threats to Ramakrishna Mission in Bengal, vandalism in ashrams – no one ever imagined this. But to appease their vote bank, the TMC government is crossing all limits.”

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi made a heartfelt request to the people of Jhargram. He urged every voter to support the BJP for a developed Bengal and to vote for progress and prosperity. The PM emphasized that their support would elevate Bengal to new heights. He promised to work tirelessly to fulfil their dreams. He encouraged the crowd to visit every village, spreading his greetings and gratitude.