The people of UP must beware of the three evils in the INDI Alliance, Extreme communalism, Extreme casteism, and Extreme nepotism: PM

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Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji addressed public meetings in Basti and Shrawasti, Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday and citicized the Samajwadi Party and Congress for their appeasement and dynastic politics while highlighting the developmental schemes undertaken by the BJP government. During the event, Uttar Pradesh CM Shri Yogi Adityanath, Union Minister and Apna Dal (S) President Smt Anupriya Patel, UP Cabinet Minister and Nishad Party President Shri Sanjay Nishad, UP Cabinet Minister and Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party President Shri Om Prakash Rajbhar, Former UP Chief Minister and Dumariyaganj candidate Shri Jagadambika Pal, Basti candidate Shri Harish Dwivedi, Sant Kabir Nagar candidate Shri Praveen Nishad, Shrawasti candidate Shri Saket Mishra among other leaders were present.

Shri Modi stated that the people of Basti, Siddharth Nagar and Dumariyaganj have always trusted the BJP government and Modi’s work, promises and intentions. I pledge that I will not let the sacrifices of the people go in vain and will work towards advancing the country through development.  Therefore, I will leave no stone unturned in living up to your trust. This is the Modi Guarantee. Five phases of elections have already taken place in the country, and these five phases have ensured a ‘Teesri Baar Modi Sarkar.’ The INDI alliance gives different statistics in every statement, showing that they are so confused or upset that they can’t even remember what they said two days ago. Every vote given to the SP and Congress is worthless; the public should not waste even a single vote. People should vote for those who have a guaranteed chance of forming the government. One should never miss an opportunity to perform a virtuous act, and voting is also a virtuous act. Today, 80 crore people receive free rations, which is a virtuous act. Modi is committed to performing many such virtuous acts, and people will benefit from these good deeds. People must vote for ‘Viksit Bharat’, vote for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that there are many people in this country who don’t remember their son’s birthday or their wedding anniversary, but every child in this country knows January 22, 2024. When I say January 22, the nation responds with ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ On that historic day in Ayodhya, I said, ‘Ram Se Rashtra, Virasat se Vikas, Adhyatm se Aadhunikta.’ India has become the world’s fifth-largest economy. India’s stature and respect have grown. When India speaks on global platforms, the world listens. When India makes decisions, the world follows. The country that once sponsored terrorism used to threaten us, but today their situation is ‘Na Ghar Ka Na Ghat Ka’ and they are struggling even for food. Pakistan has been subdued, but it’s sympathizers, the SP and Congress, are now trying to scare India. They say, ‘Fear Pakistan; it has an atom bomb.’ India will not be afraid. Today, India does not have a weak Congress government; it has a strong Modi government. Those who should fear are the ones who do not believe in humanity, those who spill rivers of blood every day. India does not want to scare anyone, but it will never spare those who try to intimidate it. That’s why today, India strikes by entering their own territory.

Shri Modi stated that the flop film of the Shehzade of SP and Congress is being released again and again and these two Shehzade together are spreading the illusion of winning 79 seats in Uttar Pradesh, but in reality, both of them are daydreaming. On June 4, the people of Uttar Pradesh are going to wake them up from their sleep by not electing them and then both of them will blame their defeat on EVMs. The dynastic party of the INDI alliance has crossed all limits of appeasement. After a wait of 500 years, construction of Bhavya Ram Mandir took place in the country but SP leaders call Ram Mandir useless, SP openly calls Ram devotees visiting Ram Mandir as hypocrites and leaders of the INDI alliance call Ram Mandir impure. These people talk about the destruction of ‘Sanatan’ and the Shehzade of Congress are day dreaming of overturning the decision of the Supreme Court on the Ram Mandir, putting Babri lock on the Ram Mandir and sending Ram Lalla back to the tent. That’s why the people of the country have made up their mind to give them a befitting reply by not electing them.

Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that some people ran and climbed on the stage in the SP-Congress rally yesterday. SP-Congress leaders gave contracts to bring people to the rally, they pay money per person but they did not pay the money, that’s why people reached the stage in anger. A party which is in this condition, how can it do good to the people. Those, who did nothing for 60 years, have come together to stop Modi. The elections are about to end but the two Shehzade have not said anything credible about taking the country forward, about the vision of development and about the plan for the economy. On what basis, are they asking for votes? They want to come to power by undoing the work done by Modi. In 10 years, Modi gave 4 crore houses to poor people, but SP-Congress will snatch it from these 4 crore poor people and give it to their vote bank. Modi opened more than 50 crore Jan Dhan accounts for the poor, they will close the bank accounts and snatch the money. Modi brought electricity to every village; they will cut the electricity connection. Modi is providing water to every house. SP-Congress people will even open the water taps of your house and take it away. As long as Modi is alive, no one can snatch away the reservation of the poor, Dalits, backward and tribals. Modi is the ‘Chowkidar’ of the rights of the deprived.

Shri Modi stated that Modi lives for the country. The decisions taken by the Modi Sarkar for the country’s interest are beyond the power of the INDI alliance. Congress leaders say that if Congress comes to power, they will impose strict rules on CAA, which means that the terrorists who are in jail today will be invited to the PM’s house by Congress leaders and fed biryani. INDI alliance with such a mindset will destroy the country. If Congress comes to power, the strict rules that have been made on corruption, the mountains of notes that are being seized, will be changed to save the corrupt. During the SP rule, the rate card for making DM and DCP was fixed. Money was paid without building the road. Now all this has stopped by the BJP coming to power. The Shehzada of Congress wants the old Gunda Raj. Ever since the BJP government has come to power in Uttar Pradesh, goons are in trouble. The land which was occupied by mafias, today, houses are being built for the poor. The INDI alliance has diseases worse than cancer and can destroy the whole of India by spreading. These three diseases can become more destructive for the country than cancer. These diseases are- they are deeply communal, they are deeply casteist, they are deeply nepotist.

Hon’ble Prime Minister pointed out that Congress and SP leaders suddenly remembered the constitution but the same Congress had tried its best to abolish the constitution by imposing emergency in the country and the Gandhi family did not care about the constitution. Congress is so upset with the backward and extremely backward classes that Sonia Gandhi’s people locked Congress national president Sitaram Kesari, who came from an extremely backward class, in the toilet and threw him on the footpath and made Sonia Gandhi the President of the Congress party overnight. Those who tore the constitution to pieces are today holding the constitution of the country. Samajwadi Party has always opposed reservation for Dalits and now these people are advocating reservation on the basis of religion, going against the spirit of the Constitution. These people want to snatch the reservation from Dalits and backward classes and give it to those who do “Vote Jihad.” Congress has made laws in its state governments by stabbing the Constitution in the back and Congress wants to change Baba Saheb Dr, Bhim rao Ambedkar’s Constitution to give reservation to a particular class. Samajwadi Party is also standing with Congress in this anti-Dalit and backward class conspiracy. That is why the public will have to teach a befitting lesson to SP Congress in Uttar Pradesh.

Shri Modi stated that the BJP government is working on the mantra of “Vikas bhi Virasat bhi.” This area is very close to Ayodhya and is a pilgrimage center of the Ram Circuit being developed by the government. Ram Janaki Marg has been developed in this area. Work is going on to create a waterway from Saryu and this is just a trailer, a lot of big work is yet to be done. During the SP rule, it was difficult for women to leave their homes in Uttar Pradesh, people were afraid to buy land, mafias used to illegally occupy lands and orders were issued to release rioters from jail. Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath’s government has worked tirelessly to free Uttar Pradesh from the clutches of corruption and mafia rule. In this meeting, all the leaders of the NDA alliance are sitting on one stage but all the leaders of the INDI alliance are never able to come together on one stage, these people gather only to get photographed

Respected Prime Minister pointed out that SP had left no stone unturned in ruining this area. In the SP government, sugarcane farmers were not paid, sugar mills were sold for insufficient amounts and the condition of roads was pathetic but I had promised to rebuild the closed sugar mills in 2017 and I have fulfilled my promise. The BJP government is setting up ethanol units to increase the income of farmers. Continuous work is also being done to increase the connectivity of Basti, Siddharthnagar, Dumariyaganj. The BJP government is going to change the picture of this region by constructing Gorakhpur Link Expressway, Basti Pilibhit Four Lane Highway and Basti Ring Road. This will give new strength to the sugar industry of Basti, brass products of Sant Kabir Nagar and furniture industry of Maharajganj and will create new employment opportunities for the youth.

Shri Modi stated that the governments of SP, BSP & Congress were never concerned about the development of Shrawasti and about the heritage of the country. The BJP government is working to give Shrawasti a separate identity on the map of the country. The BJP government has built an airport in Shrawasti. The foundation stone of the Shrawasti Balrampur-Khalilabad rail project has been laid, Maa Pateshwari University is being constructed, a medical college is being built and the Saryu River project is being implemented for protection from floods. If SP and Congress get a chance, these people will stop the ongoing work and embezzle the money.

Respected Prime Minister stated that one vote of the people will bury the politics of appeasement in the graveyard and will ensure the future of the country. In the third term of BJP, 80 crore people will continue to get free ration and the poor will continue to get health cover up to ₹5 lakh, new houses will be built for 3 crore poor people, 3 crore women will benefit from Lakhpati Didi Yojana and the people who have not yet received the benefits of the schemes of the BJP government, it will be ensured that the benefits of the schemes reach all of them. I have to provide a permanent house to every poor person in this country. Modi does not come from a Shahi Parivar, I am also the son of a poor mother. I do not have to earn anything for anyone but I want to make the country so strong that these nepotistic parties cannot weaken the country again. All these benefits will be possible with the votes of the people, that is why there should be a huge voting in favor of NDA. Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji appealed to the crowd present to make the local candidates victorious with a huge majority and contribute in the form of their votes to form the Modi government in the country once again and to prove the resolution of a Viksit Bharat.