People shouldn’t have misconception about CAA: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

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Union Defence Minister  Shri Rajnath Singh  said people should not have any misconception about the amended citizenship law.

On a day’s visit to his Lok Sabha constituency, Shri Singh visited the residence of Justice Khem Karan here to mobilise support for the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

He said “Our party has decided to give a message to the people that they should not have any misconceptions about CAA. The Indian culture teaches us ‘Sarvdharma Sambhav’ and a Hindustani cannot discriminate on lines of caste and religion.”

The message of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family) had gone from India to the entire world, Shri Singh said, adding “Indian cultural values cannot by violated by our party.”

The defence minister also circulated pamphlets on the CAA and requested the media and party workers to go through them.