PM addresses concluding ceremony of Amethi Sansad Khel Pratiyogita 2023

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the concluding ceremony of Amethi Sansad Khel Pratiyogita 2023 via video message today.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that it is a special feeling to connect with those participating in the Amethi Sansad Khel Pratiyogita 2023. Noting that this month is auspicious for sports in the country as Indian players have scored a century of medals in the Asian Games, the Prime Minister pointed out that many players from Amethi have also showcased their sporting talent amidst these events by taking part in Amethi Sansad Khel Pratiyogita. He said that the new energy and confidence that the athletes have got from this competition can be felt and it is now time to handle this enthusiasm and groom it for the best results. “The experience you have gained in the last 25 days is a great asset for your sporting career”, the Prime Minister said. He took the opportunity to congratulate every person who has supported and encouraged these young players by joining this great campaign in the role of teacher, coach, school or college representative. He underlined that the gathering of more than one lakh players is a big thing in itself and especially congratulated Amethi MP Smriti Irani ji, who made this event such a success.

“It is very important for the development of any society that sports and players get the opportunity to flourish there”, the Prime Minister said. He underlined that personality development in youth occurs in a natural way through sports while they work hard to achieve the goal, try again after losing and move forward by joining the team. Shri Modi emphasized that hundreds of MPs from the present government have prepared a new path for the development of society by organizing sports competitions in their respective constituencies and its results will be clearly visible in the years to come. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the young players of Amethi will definitely win medals at national and international levels in the coming years and the experience gained from such competitions will come in very handy.

Prime Minister Modi said, “When players enter the field, they have only one goal – to make themselves and the team victorious”. He emphasized that the whole country is thinking like the players today, putting the nation first. Referring to players, Shri Modi said that they put everything at stake and play for the country, and at this time the country is also pursuing a bigger goal. He underlined that every citizen of every district of the country has a role in making India a developed nation. For this, the Prime Minister said, every sector will have to move forward with one feeling, one goal and one resolution. He mentioned schemes like TOPS and Khelo India Games for the youth. He informed that hundreds of athletes are being trained and coached in the country and abroad under the TOPS scheme and being given assistance worth crores of rupees. He also informed that more than 3 thousand players are being given assistance of Rs 50,000 per month under Khelo India Games which helps them in meeting the needs of training, diet, coaching, kit, necessary equipment and other expenses.

The Prime Minister emphasized that in today’s changing India, talent from small towns is getting a chance to come forward openly and highlighted the contributions of small towns in making India a startup hub. Noting that many famous sporting talents in today’s world hail from small towns, the Prime Minister credited the transparent approach of the government where youth get a chance to come forward and showcase their skill. He gave the example of Asian Games where most athletes who won medals belonged to smaller cities. Prime Minister Modi underlined that the result of the government respecting their talent and providing all possible facilities can be witnessed today. “These athletes have given the result”, the Prime Minister said as he highlighted the performance of Uttar Pradesh’s Annu Rani, Parul Chaudhary and Sudha Singh. The Prime Minister emphasized that Sansad Khel Pratiyogita is a great medium to unearth such talented individuals and hone their skills for the nation.

Concluding the address, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that the hard work of all the athletes will begin to show results in the coming times, and many athletes will bring glory to the country and the Tricolour.