PM addresses All India Presiding Officers’ Conference

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the All India Presiding Officers’ Conference via video message today.

Emphasizing the significance of the conference as it comes in the wake of the 75th Republic Day celebrations, The Prime Minister said, “This conference holds added significance as it takes place immediately after the 75th Republic Day, marking the 75th year of our Constitution,” said Prime Minister Modi, expressing his tribute to the members of the Constituent Assembly.

Reflecting on the importance of learning from the Constituent Assembly, Prime Minister Modi stated, “There is much to learn from our Constituent Assembly. Constituent Assembly members had the responsibility to form a consensus among various thoughts, subjects, and opinions, and they lived up to it.” Highlighting the role of the attending Presiding Officers, Prime Minister Modi urged them to draw inspiration from the ideals of the Constituent Assembly once again. “In your respective tenures, strive to leave a legacy that can serve as a heritage for future generations”, he emphasized.

Speaking on the need to enhance the functionality of legislative bodies, Prime Minister Modi stated, “Enhancing the efficiency of legislative assemblies and committees is crucial in today’s scenario where vigilant citizens scrutinize every representative.”

Addressing the issue of maintaining decorum within legislative bodies, Prime Minister Modi remarked, “The conduct of members in the house and the conducive environment therein directly impact the productivity of the assembly. Concrete suggestions emanating from this conference will be instrumental in enhancing productivity.” He added that conduct in the House by the representatives decides the image of the House. He lamented the fact that parties instead of curtailing the objectionable behaviour of their members come out in their support. “This is not a good situation for either the Parliament or the Assemblies”, he said.

Reflecting on evolving norms in public life, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the need for accountability. “In the past, allegations of corruption against a member of the house would lead to their ostracization from public life. However, we now witness public glorification of convicted corrupt individuals, which is detrimental to the integrity of the executive, the judiciary and the constitution,” he remarked. Prime Minister Modi stressed the importance of discussing and providing concrete suggestions on this matter during the conference.

Recognizing the pivotal role of state governments and their legislative assemblies in shaping India’s progress, Prime Minister Modi asserted, “India’s progress hinges on the advancement of our states. And the progress of states depends on the determination of their legislative and executive bodies to define their development goals collectively.” Speaking on the significance of empowering committees for economic progress, Prime Minister Modi stated, “The empowerment of committees is crucial for the economic progress of your state. The more actively these committees work towards achieving the set goals, the more the state will advance.”

Addressing the need to streamline laws, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the efforts of the central government in repealing redundant laws. “Over the past decade, the central government has repealed over two thousand laws that were detrimental to our system. This simplification of the judicial system has eased the challenges faced by the common man and enhanced the ease of living,” he stated. Prime Minister Modi called upon the Presiding Officers to pay attention to unnecessary laws and their impact on citizens’ lives, stressing that their removal would have a significant positive impact.

Referring to Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam, Prime Minister Modi encouraged discussions on suggestions aimed at enhancing women’s participation and representation. “Efforts to empower women and increase their representation must be amplified in committees in a country like India,” he stated. Similarly, he stressed the need to increase the participation of youth in the committees. “Our young representatives must get maximum opportunity to put their views and participation in policy-making”, PM Modi emphasized.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi recalled the concept of One Nation-One Legislative Platform put forward in his 2021 address to the Presiding Officers and expressed happiness that Parliament and State Assemblies are working on this goal through E-Vidhan and Digital Sansad Platforms.