PM addresses Rozgar Mela

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Rozgar Mela and distributed about 51,000 appointment letters to newly inducted recruits via video conferencing today. The recruits, selected from across the country will be joining the Government in various Ministries/Departments including Department of Revenue, Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Higher Education, Department of School Education and Literacy, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Ministry of Labour & Employment, among others.

Addressing the appointees, the Prime Minister said that the government’s campaign to provide employment opportunities for the youth is continuously moving forward and noted the occasion of today when appointment letters for government jobs have been handed out to more than 50,000 youth across the country. He underlined that the appointment letters are a result of the hard work and labour of the appointees. Congratulating the new appointees and their families on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that they are about to become a part of the system that directly deals with the public. As a government employee, the Prime Minister emphasized the duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled by the new appointees and said that the ‘Ease of Living’ of the common people should become a top priority.

Recalling the Constitution Day celebrations on the 26th of November earlier this month, the Prime Minister said that it was on this day in 1949 when the nation adopted the Constitution of India and gave equal rights to every citizen. He highlighted the contributions of Baba Saheb Ambedkar who as an architect of the constitution established social justice by providing equal opportunities for all. Prime Minister Modi pointed out that the principles of equality were neglected after independence when a major section of the society was deprived of resources and basic amenities for years. The Prime Minister underlined that it was only after 2014 when the present government came to power that the mantra of ‘priority to the deprived’ was adopted and a new path was forged. “Government reached the doorsteps of those who had never received any benefits”, he emphasized. PM Modi said that the government is striving to transform the lives of those who were neglected for decades after independence. Highlighting the unprecedented changes that can be witnessed today as a result of the change in the government’s thinking and work culture, the Prime Minister said that even though the bureaucracy, the people and the files remained the same, prioritizing the development of the poor and the middle class brought about a holistic change in the working mechanism and style of the entire system. He said that it brought to the fore, the positive results of the well-being of common people. The Prime Minister informed that more than 13 crore people have risen out of poverty in the last 5 years according to a recent study. “This is proof of the impact of the government schemes reaching the poor”,  he said. Speaking about the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra which is taking the government schemes to the doorsteps of common citizens, the Prime Minister urged the appointees to utilize their time in the service of the people.

The Prime Minister told the new recruits that they are witnessing an infrastructure revolution in changing India in the areas of modern highways, railway stations, airports, and waterways. Heavy investment in infrastructure is creating lakhs of new jobs.

Speaking about the advent of mission mode in completion of projects, the Prime Minister said “Incomplete projects are a great injustice to the honest taxpayers of the country. In recent years, the Central Government has reviewed projects worth lakhs of crores of rupees and got them completed rapidly”, leading to new avenues of employment. He gave examples of delayed projects which saw the light of the day in recent times such as Bidar Kalburgi railway line which was started 22-23 years ago and was completed in 3 years; Pakyong airport in Sikkim was conceived in 2008 but stayed only on paper till 2014, and after 2014 the project was completed by 2018. Paradip refinery was under discussion for 20-22 years without any significant progress. The refinery was completed recently.

Speaking about the real estate sector of the country, the Prime Minister pointed out that it was heading towards a decline of builders as well as the middle class but it was RERA law that established transparency and boosted investment. “Today, more than one lakh real estate projects in the country are registered under RERA”, Shri Modi said as he noted how projects used to stall bringing employment opportunities to a standstill. He said that the growing real estate of the country is creating a large number of employment opportunities today.

Prime Minister Modi underlined that the policies and decisions of the Government have taken the country’s economy to new heights today. He said that noted institutions of the world are extremely optimistic about India’s growth rate and informed that a global leader in investment ratings recently put its seal of approval on India’s rapid growth owing to the increasing employment opportunities, a large pool of working-age population and an increase in labor productivity. He also touched upon the strength of India’s manufacturing and construction sector as a major reason for this. The Prime Minister said that these facts are proof that numerous possibilities of employment and self-employment will continue to arise in India in the coming times.

Shri Modi emphasized the role of the appointees as government employees to ensure that the benefits of development taking place in India reach the last person of the society. “No matter how far away an area is, it should be your priority. No matter how remote a person is, you have to reach him”, he said. Shri Modi underlined that the dream of a developed India will come true only when the appointees move forward with this approach as employees of the Government of India.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the next 25 years for the nation. He urged the appointees to engage with the new learning module ‘Karmyogi Prarambh’ and continue their learning process. He informed that lakhs of new government employees have undertaken training through the ‘Karmyogi Prarambh’ module since its launch a year ago. He said that more than 800 courses are also available on the online training platform iGoT Karmayogi. “Use it to enhance your skills”, the Prime Minister concluded and congratulated the appointees once again for their success. “Best wishes for your bright future in the direction of nation-building”, PM Modi concluded.


Rozgar Mela is a step towards the fulfillment of the commitment of the Prime Minister to accord the highest priority to employment generation. Rozgar Mela is expected to act as a catalyst in further employment generation and provide meaningful opportunities to the youth for their empowerment and participation in national development.

The new appointees with their innovative ideas and role-related competencies, will be contributing, inter alia, to the task of strengthening the industrial, economic and social development of the nation thereby helping to realize the Prime Minister’s vision of Viksit Bharat.

The newly inducted appointees are also getting an opportunity to train themselves through Karmayogi Prarambh, an online module on iGOT Karmayogi portal, where more than 800 e-learning courses have been made available for ‘anywhere any device’ learning format.