PM Modi addresses an elated crowd gathered at a public meeting in Nawada, Bihar

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taken aback by the love and admiration from the jubilant crowd in Nawada, Bihar as he addresses them ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections, 2024. The PM reciprocated his affection towards the crowd and discussed several key issues in his speech. “I said this from the ramparts of Red Fort that this is the right time. India’s time has come. We should not lose this opportunity and hence this election of 2024 has become very important,” remarked the PM.

PM Modi initiated his address by expressing his gratitude for the love and blessings he has received from Nawada, considering himself a fortunate one. PM Modi expressed, “The heights the country has touched in the last 10 years, the development work that has been done in the country, and its reflection are visible in the huge public support that NDA is getting. That is why today the whole country is saying – Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!”

PM Modi asserted with hope that “In the past decade, Bihar has witnessed significant national-interest decisions. Today, modern expressways are being constructed in Bihar, railway stations are being modernized, and trains like Vande Bharat are increasing. The digital revolution has brought government services to mobile devices. India’s influence is expanding globally. I am confident Bihar will contribute to India’s journey towards development.”

The PM confided his thoughts to the crowd and conveyed that, “Modi is engaged in the mission to eliminate poverty from the country. Like you, I have come here after living in poverty. I can never forget what was the situation in the country before 2014.”

PM Modi also added, “Modi, the son of the poor, is dedicated to serving the impoverished. I vow to eradicate poverty nationwide. The past decade has seen unprecedented efforts for the welfare of the poor, surpassing six decades post-independence. 25 crores people have been uplifted from poverty in this time.” The PM yet again reiterated that “this is just the beginning, this is just a trailer, with much more yet to accomplish. We have to take the country and Bihar to new heights.”

PM Modi enlightened the crowd with BJP’s vision that includes, “More guarantees from Modi which are forthcoming in the third term. Modi promises to uplift three crore village sisters to become ‘Lakhpati Didis’. Another assurance is to empower women from rural and poor families to become drone pilots. Additionally, Modi has initiated the ‘PM Suryaghar Muft Bijli Yojana’ to eliminate electricity bills for the underprivileged.”

The PM taking a jibe at the opposition, said, “The INDI Alliance lacks vision and credibility, with members who contradict each other in different states. In Bihar, conflict arises as one leader claims candidacy over another from the same alliance. Their unity appears forced, driven solely by a selfish desire for power. Critics label the INDI Alliance as a sanctuary for corruption.” Also, PM Modi jabbed at a leader of the INDI Alliance who remained sulking at home until he is declared the candidate for the Prime Minister.

PM Modi exposed the harsh realities of the opposition and affirmed that “Those advocating for the country’s division, supporting corruption, or threatening Sanatan Dharma’s existence – can Bihar forgive them? Congress-RJD, addicted to power and corruption, are undeserving of even a single vote.”

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi expressed profound appreciation to all attendees for their participation, underscoring their contribution to the event’s success. He reaffirmed his dedication to realizing the dreams of the common citizen, pledging that their aspirations remain his foremost priority. Encouraging the audience, he emphasized every vote cast on Lotus symbol on 19th April will strengthen the resolve for a developed India.