PM Modi addresses an exuberant crowd gathered at a public event in Churu, Rajasthan

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Ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed an enthusiasm-filled public event in Churu, Rajasthan. The PM was garnered with love and admiration from the audience. The PM too showered his blessings upon everyone present in the crowd.

Dwelling upon the significance of Rajasthan as a state and its addition to the country as a whole, the PM remarked, “Today, the entire nation is focused on the goal of achieving the Viksit Bharat status, with Rajasthan playing a crucial role in this endeavour. As Rajasthan progresses, so does the entire nation. The groundwork laid by Modi’s administration over the past decade has set the stage for a Viksit Bharat.” He added “We have a track record of achieving whatever we set our minds to. Reflecting on the past decade, we can recall the dire state of the country ten years ago, with a collapsed economy marred by massive scams and looting under the Congress regime.”

In retrospect, PM Modi elaborated that, “India’s global reputation was on the decline, with millions struggling for basic necessities even decades after independence. Countless remained homeless, lacked access to clean water, and lived in darkness without electricity. The government coffers were drained due to rampant corruption,” and he thanked the people of Rajasthan for entrusting him with the responsibility and opportunity to serve them in 2014 amidst all the despair. “Despite the enormity of challenges, including the recent COVID-19 crisis, I remained undeterred. My commitment to transforming India stems from viewing the nation as my own family and in this very crisis, we Indians made our country the fifth largest economy in the world,” the PM further observed.

Moving forward with his optimistic vision, PM Modi affirmed that, “Whatever happened in 10 years is just a trailer. There is still a lot to be done; we still have to take the country forward.”

Glancing through the record of development, the PM made the crowd aware of several facts and said, “We’ve not only revived the stalled ERCP project, but we’re also advancing it swiftly, ensuring access to drinking water and irrigation for lakhs of hectares. Additionally, we’ve paved the way for bringing water to Shekhawati by signing a landmark agreement with Haryana.”

The PM gave his word to the audience that, “The BJP doesn’t just talk, it delivers. Unlike other parties, we don’t just release manifestos, we fulfil them. Many promises from our 2019 manifesto have been realized: Article 370 has been revoked in Kashmir, the law on triple talaq is empowering Muslim sisters, and Parliament has passed legislation for women’s reservation in the Lok Sabha. Our manifesto is seen as a guarantee of action.”

Taking pride in the positive evolution of Rajasthan as a state, the PM reminisced during his earlier visit to Churu on February 26, 2019, that India had already conducted a successful airstrike in Balakot to teach a lesson to the evils of terrorism.

The PM also pointed out the sheer audacity of the opposition and remarked, “During our army’s surgical strikes and air strikes, Congress and its allies were demanding proof of our army’s bravery. This arrogant alliance insulted our armed forces and sought to divide the country. This is the true identity of the Congress Party.” He reiterated India’s stance on terrorism, stating, “Today, even the enemy knows – India kills by entering the house.”

PM Modi took a sharp jibe at the opposition and reflected, “The country has always paid the price for the sins of Congress. But now, when the loot of these family-based corrupt people is being accounted for, they have all become one,” and added, “I say – remove corruption, they say – save the corrupt.”

The PM further warned the opposition party and said “I want to tell these corrupt family members, no matter how many lies you spread, Modi is not afraid.”

Exposing the harsh realities of the opposition, PM Modi stated, “The Congress and its allies prioritize their own interests, neglecting the welfare and dignity of the poor, Dalits, and marginalized communities. They have historically disregarded Baba Saheb Ambedkar, obstructing his recognition with the Bharat Ratna for decades and imposing emergency, holding the Constitution hostage.” The PM also highlighted how “The INDI Alliance failed to grant constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission,” and that, “In contrast, Modi fulfilled this long-standing demand. The BJP appointed the country’s first Dalit President and the first tribal woman President, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity.”

In a hopeful and sincere conclusion, the PM urged the people of Churu to raise the BJP flag in every corner of Rajasthan and to extend his greetings and best wishes door-to-door.