PM Modi hails the valour of the Indian Air Force

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the people to conserving energy, water and not to waste food. Speaking at a Dussehra event in New Delhi, Shri Modi said that as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in his 150th birth anniversary year, people should take up the mission of not wasting food and avoiding single-use plastic. Prime Minister also stressed the need work for the empowerment of women and ensuring their dignity by taking forward the spirit of Navratra. Shri Modi called upon people to felicitate the daughters who have achieved something or who have inspired others during Diwali this year.

Prime Minister also hailed the valour of the Indian Air Force and asked people to especially remember it on its raising day like they pay respect to Lord Hanuman on Vijayadashami. Shri Modi said, its a coincidence that this year the two events are being celebrated on the same day.

Prime Minister also participated in the special puja at the venue and burnt the effigy of Ravana, signifying the victory of good over evil. Greeting people on the occasion, Shri Modi said India is a land of festivals and every festival brings the society together.