PM Modi inaugurates 5-Day RAISE 2020 Global AI Summit

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi  inaugurated RAISE 2020- ‘Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020, on September 05. The summit will have 45 sessions from October 5-9, with participation of around 300 speakers from academia, industry and government.

Speaking on the occasion Prime Minister emphasised that at every step of history, India has led the world in knowledge and learning. In today’s age of IT as well, India is making outstanding contributions. He also underlined the committed to make India AI hub of the world.

“India has also proved to be the powerhouse of the global IT services industry. We will continue to digitally excel and delight the world. We want India to become a global hub for AI. Many Indians are already working in this area. I hope many more do so in the times to come. Our approach to this is powered by the core principles of teamwork, trust, collaboration, responsibility and inclusivity,” Shri Modi said.

“India’s National programme on AI will be dedicated towards the rightful use of AI in solving societal problems,” the Prime Minister added. Shri Modi also emphasized that we must ensure that human intellect should always be a few steps ahead of AI. “While we discuss AI, let us also have no doubts that human creativity and human emotions continue to be our greatest strength. They are our unique advantage over machines. Even the smartest of AI cannot solve mankind’s problems without blending with our intellect,” Shri Modi said.